Thoughts Over The Morning’s Second Cup of Coffee: There is No Windfall of European Profits

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Maybe Ron Jeremy should just stick to debating Craig Gross of the XXX Church and being porn’s goodwill ambassador. Because he needs to refrain from political commentary. When he opens his mouth now, especially on the condom issue, Jeremy inserts foot.

In commenting on the condom issue last week Jeremy said this: “The bottom line is that consumers don’t want to see condoms in their pornography — so adding them to U.S. productions will give overseas porn producers a leg up.”

Does Jeremy know anything about the current state of porn, because there is no European business any more.

Rob Black addressed Jeremy’s remarks on his show Monday.

“The European market was never bigger than ours,” Black stated.

“Granted, Wicked makes some of it’s biggest money overseas because European pornography is ugly.

“Tell Ron Jeremy what he said is bullshit. If all these foreigners are such hot shots, they can stay over there. They come over here because people want to see them fuck Katie Summers, and every distributor is telling you I’m right. Back in the day we took European product repackaged it, and the distributors said these things suck and we stopped the deals with those foreign guys.

“Private is the only company that succeeded in America. Porn in Germany they eat shit, eat turds and fist each other- this is their common sense. Have you done scat, yeah? Do you poop, yeah? Your talent pool is used to eating shit and everything fucking, disgusting thing. It’s girls eating puke and girls eating turds. You got to be unhinged when your pornography is eating turds.”

“Ron Jeremy hasn’t done a relevant fuck scene in 25 years,” Black concluded.

“Ron Jeremy is a far cry from the person who’s going to tell you how our porn, once you put a condom on, is going to turn to shit.”


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