Thoughts Over The Morning’s Second Cup of Coffee: What The Industry Needs is a Bigger Better Award Show

The estimable Mike South today reports that XBiz is going to pull out all the stops in January with a super duper awards show costing over a million bucks.

For the multi-billion dollar porn industry- and I know that because XBiz Dan Miller told The Huffington Post it was a $5B a year business- this is a drop in the bucket.

Still, in these unsettling times, when porn jobs are being lost, is this a wise move for XBiz? Oh, what do they care. They’re making money, and if XBiz wants to rub it in your face I guess it’s there prerogative.

You would know the true state of the union if you plugged into The Rob Black Show, which is now being offered for free daily to view

And, if you knew the true deplorable state this business was in, you might agree with me when I say AVN, XBiz, XRCO and others should all have a moratorium on awards shows and take that money to create a better health environment for the porn performer.

I know. I know. What am I talking about.

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