Thoughts Over The Morning’s Second Cup of Coffee: Who to Thank for Measure B

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Mike South states: “There are precious few girls in the biz and I mean count em on one hand, that have not been hired by this guy [Richard Nanula] at one time or another.

“He not only hires them for himself (often bareback) he also hires them and their choice of male to do live sex shows for him. He also employs girls (and guys) to get him other girls and because he was spreading the wealth pretty liberally, he stayed under the radar. Until recently anyway.”

And yet South continues to tell us this Nanula story didn’t interest him. If you’re any kind of journalist, this story has to have at least piqued your curiosity. The fact that Nanula, a “civilian” was having sex bareback with girls in the industry – and I presume he never offered a test – raises all kinds of health and safety issues contrary to the positive message that Free Speech keeps putting out there.

South has been pretty critical of Diane Duke and Free Speech but always selective in what he says. Obviously this is one of those cases. You’ll also recall how South bragged about breaking the story of Mr. Marcus with the clap. And this guy Nanula running around performing bareback scenes doesn’t interest him? I don’t get it.

Before he got embarrassed into addressing the Nanula story, South never said or hinted anything about it. Not one word. All these sex shows being set up by a multi-millionaire Hollywood big shot, and not one word. Mr. Marcus with the clap, yeah. This, nothing.

Then, again, if Nanula were running so sexually rampant in the business- and I’ll use the JFK assassination theory argument- how were so many people able to keep this quiet for so long?

Rob Black and I who are in better pipelines than South, never heard of this guy, and Black who’s got antennae every where in the industry never talked to a production assistant, cameraman, make up artist, performer, anyone who ever mentioned Nanula. Victor and Princess Donna, on the other hand, are the talk of the town.

South is either offering his readers total, made up bullshit. Or, if what he says is to be believed, whether South realizes it or not, that one paragraph alone justifies Measure B.

So if you wind up wearing latex, remember who to thank. Because I’m sure Michael Weinstein reads Mike South’s well informed opinions.

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