Thoughts Over The Morning’s Third Coffee: Has Lorelei Lee Been Re-Tested?

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Lorelei Lee is a regular

The reason we mention this is the fact Rob Black brought it up on his show Wednesday night. Lee worked in the scene with Xander Corvus and Cameron Bay- the one that’s generated all the controversy.

Has Lee been tested? Because the “moratorium” – joke that it is, would have to include a re-test from this performer.

Not that we’re telling Diane Duke how to do her job, but someone at this point needs to.

And Peter Acworth is yelling slander, but it was Cameron Bay who was rushed to an emergency room with a busted breast after that scene, not him.

Cameron Bay isn’t the only one that’s been treated in an ER thanks to Acworth and that gang. Aurora Snow was the recipient of corporal punishment that went beyond the norm. I’m just curious why Snow in her blogs for The Daily Beast hasn’t talked about this.

According to what I hear, Snow had a lot to say on the subject to Alesia Pleasure. But that was on Blog Talk Radio. So no one got to hear it.


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