Thoughts Over The Mornings Third Coffee: Holy Lord, Rob Black May Have a Point About Samantha Saint

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The History Channel sometime ago had a computer artist do a 3D recreation of what Christ [pictured] may have looked like based on the imprint of the Holy Shroud of Turin. I don’t know. At first glance I’d swear it was Rob Black.

I mentioned this on his show Thursday night noting that with Black going all Jesus earlier in the day and mentioning that he’d be running for political office in 42 months this all ties into the Book of Revelations and that the anti-Christ was going to rule for 42 months.

“I’m thinking is Rob Black really the anti-Christ? This is scary,” I observed.

I also asked Black, who’s voiced aspirations about running for governor [don’t laugh- both Mary Carey and Larry Flynt have] if it wasn’t a come down from being the president of Porn America to take a role as a mere governor.

“As the governor I would encompass the world that porn sits in,” laughed Black.

Black realized that at a late hour he was cutting into my “Fangoli” time. I think he met Frangelico.

We talked some more about the Samantha Saint story and Black said now that the porn blogs have reversed gears and are telling the real story about Samantha Saint, we’re seeing her as “junkie, hooker, shakedown artist who knew exactly who Richard Nanula was; and now we’re back to the story of how did the tape get leaked- we are now back to the story that she knew it was a ‘private’; everybody knew that it was a private- why would this guy who got tons of privates let a videotape of himself get put on a goddamned website?”

A very good question which I’ve been asking myself.

“Now you go, hmmmm, Samantha Saint’s got a lawyer-husband,” Black continued. “This was a shakedown gone wrong.”

Black’s either right on that score, or the second possibility is that Nanula was a casualty of the escort wars within the industry.

“The day that we sat there and talked about what Monica Foster, broke I came right out and said the Wicked Pictures girl is a junkie, crackhead, fucking shakedown artist and everybody poo-poohed,” mused Black.

“Basically the story that Wicked and Joy King put out was Samantha Saint was a dirty whore shakedown before she was with Wicked; now she’s with Wicked and is a cool chick.

“Samantha Saint knew exactly who this guy [Nanula] was. If Shy Love told this girl and told everybody involved that it was supposed to be this male performer [Ben from Tiger Lily] and Samantha Saint shows up and it’s not the male performer that she was told.

“That meant Samantha Saint went along with Richard Nanula. So she fucked somebody she knew was worth a hundred million dollars. And that guy mysteriously had his sex tape put up on a website and Samantha Saint’s husband happens to be a litigation lawyer- Jesus Christ – shakedown.

“So Wicked has a girl who has known for 13 months that Shy Love was bamboozling her. But she wasn’t bamboozling her. She’s a part of an extortion plot so now Wicked Pictures has an extortionist, junkie, crackhead, escort who sets poor unsuspecting guys up.

“I only say that Samantha is a junkie crackhead because Richard Nanula is addicted to drugs. His wife said he’s got all these substance abuse problems so one would think that if he likes drugs, any girl that knows him- that likes to party with him- also does the drugs.

“So we’re back to square one where all these people conspired to shakedown a wealthy business man in a private. But it never came out until these pieces of shit shook him down two months ago. The incident happened a year ago.

“So what did Mike South and Peter Warren prove? That Samantha Saint is a junkie, crackhead shakedown artist.”

My reply to that was: “I think Wicked and Steve Orenstein have no other alternative but to announce that they’re going to rescind her contract. Because now it seems like everybody is ganging up on her. If that isn’t proof positive of what you’re saying- what other choice do they have?”

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