Thoughts Over The Morning’s Third Coffee: Xander Corvus Should Just Chill Out; Corvus: Who’s Mike South?

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Whether he exchanged emails or talked directly to someone, an interview with Xander Corvus appears on The Real Porn Wiki Leaks in which Corvus makes comments I find very strange.

For one thing Corvus says he traveled to San Francisco to shoot a block of scenes for, one of them being with Cameron Bay. We’ve already raised the warning flags that could be the ground zero for an HIV attack.

From what Corvus is saying, I get the impression that he never met Bay before they did the scene together.

Corvus says he researches prospective partners and found nothing on Bay that would “give me any reason to fear.” [Isn’t this generally the other way around where women have a “no” list?]

Corvus says he booked the Kink job through the talent agency that represents him, OC Modeling. Then what came as a surprise to Corvus and OC Modeling was that Cameron Bay had used a different stage name previously.

“That came as a surprise,” he told TRPWL.

I could show you the names of a 1,000 different performers who’ve worked under different names. So what?

As if this was a deal breaker, a point is made that both Corvus and his agent Sandra McCarthy at OC Modeling, discovered that “Cameron Bay” was former VH1 reality show cast member and fugitive from justice, Cameron Adams.

And the point is? We know by now that Bay has a prison record, but isn’t the only fact that matters is Bay presenting a clean health record before doing a scene? I didn’t know that Corvus and McCarthy deduct points for moral turpitude.

The article goes on to point out that Mike South posted a photo he found on Twitter from the set of a “50 Man Anal Creampie Gangbang” and claimed that Corvus was the performer wearing jersey #3.

“A buddy of mine told me he’d seen this story online,” said Corvus noting that he doesn’t visit “gossip sites” such as South’s. “I don’t know him, who is he?” says Corvus.

Corvus said he was stunned because he had been misidentified by South, that he was not in that scene.

Corvus goes on to say that anyone familiar with the porn business should know that, “in scenes like those, the guys are paid, like, $150. No offense, but I’m not that level of a dude.”

South took a lot of heat and the TRPWL makes note of that. After the news came out about Bay, Corvus then re-tested and posted his results online as a personal statement.

“I told the people at CET, no matter how this test turns out, I’m putting it out there.”

Corvus says all the publicity had an effect on his family and that his mother hadn’t slept in two days.

“She wasn’t supposed to know about this or hear stuff like this in this way.”

But Corvus then made the ultimate social faux pas when he went to AVN and said, “I definitely feel for [Bay], poor girl. She’s so cute and a really kind girl. She made mistakes, but it’s not like she got HIV by being responsible. A bird didn’t just drop it on her.”?

Rob Black devoted a whole portion of his show to Corvus’ insensitivity not in glowing terms, mind you, and Corvus began challenging Black on Twitter to suck his balls.

Corvus tells TRPWL: “As if his [Black’s] opinion matters. He’s using this to get attention, and he’s taking other people’s stand for his own. Black’s on a little soapbox, and he just wants people to listen to him. He sounds like he needs a hug. Maybe he wasn’t breast-fed or something, I don’t know.”

Corvus admits that he also rang up Katie Summers.

“I wanted to talk to he,” said Corvus.

“Katie and I were friends. We lived in the model house together. She had gone through some stuff and cried on my shoulder; I had been there for her. I wanted to hear why she was backing this guy’s hate against me.”

Friends, maybe, but Summers apparently wanted no parts of Corvus, because Corvus doesn’t mention this in the interview, he called Summers six times in a row.

Corvus adds: “I think we absolutely need to have a summit of some kind. I’m looking at the kind of thing Charity Bangs is talking about, a code of conduct, but we need to have some statement of our rights as performers.

“It should be something that applies to agents and producers as well, in terms [setting] standards for how we act and the kind of information we exchange with each other.”

Corvus has been in the business long enough to know that ain’t going to happen.

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