Thoughts Over The Morning’s Third Cup of Coffee; Farrah Anal Tape a Phony

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Think about it. Farrah Abraham is voicing concern that she may have been knocked up by James Deen. And with good reason. It wasn’t an anal tape.

I saw the movie, and besides the fact that Farrah behaved like a woman who’s taken dozens of anal vacations, something didn’t add up. That something is that nowhere in that tape is there an establishing shot. And by that I mean the validation shot that Deen’s dick is actually going square in her ass. Everything’s carefully shot from an angle where basic doggie can be played off as anal. Methinks the customer has been screwed again by the 1%-ers. And that makes James Deen complicit. Prove to me I’m wrong.

Back when I was running AVN I used to tell my reviewers, unless you see a validation shot, either the scene is a phony anal scene or subtract points accordingly in your review. After I left AVN, that rule went by the boards and I saw scenes up for anal sex scene awards that had no business being in that category. I called AVN on it but I was the bad guy.

My opinion? Farrah fans have been bamboozled.

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