Thoughts Over The Morning’s Third Cup of Coffee: Holes in Samantha Saint’s Story

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Like a bad cup of coffee, Samantha Saint’s explanation of her role in L’Affair Nanula smells.

Saint is distancing herself from Trinity St. Clair and disavowing any appearances of impropriety on her part. She claims she booked a content shoot thinking that Richard Nanula was a legit porn performer. That’s what she says: “Richard had a stage name, I guess, and I did see his test and IDs, we did all the paperwork. I had no reason to believe that it wasn’t what it was supposed to be.”

Here’s the part I don’t get when she adds:

“He [Nanula] obviously had to feel like he was a little untouchable to be ballsy enough to set someone up like that. Because I mean, I’ve been asked plenty of times—if you ask any of the people that run escorting agencies, [they will say,] ‘Yeah, we’ve been trying to get Samantha.’ Why would I say yes to this guy? And why for only $1,200? That makes no sense.”

Who is Nanula setting up? He’s the one that got set up. He’s the one that lost his job with Miramax and no high profile Hollywood exec is going to agree to be videotaped with a porn star for view on a website unless he’s completely lost his mind.

If Saint thought a statement like this to AVN was going to put matters to rest, she’s dead wrong.

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