Thoughts Over the Morning’s Third Cup of Coffee: How Can Mark Kernes Look you Straight in the Face and Lie

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The biggest lie which has been fostered by AVN and Mark Kernes so far is that Measure B will have you wearing rubber gloves, employing dental dams and wearing HazMat suits. Kernes forgot to put in welders’ masks because I think the fine print of Measure B also stipulates that.

Meanwhile, Aurora Snow, whose experience in front of a camera, I think counts for more than Kernes’, wrote an article for The Daily Beast. Snow painted a pretty precise picture of what this industry is all about in health matters.

She wraps it up by saying: “Which leads me to wonder why Measure B, a 2012 law requiring porn performers in L.A. to wear condoms, isn’t more welcomed within the adult industry.”

Continental devil that he is, and the most interesting man in porn, Kernes rebuked Snow on four points but on the fourth is where Kernes displays his ignorance. Quoting the CDC, I guess Kernes is trying to make the statement that hepatitis can’t be transmitted sexually.


Then I suppose Kernes is denying the existence of the spiking practice in the industry where male performers [generally the crossover guys] resort to caverject injections to get hard. Rob Black on his show the other day described his grisly, first hand experience with John West on the set of Cellar Dwellers 2.

Guys get spike wounds in their dicks from such a practice, the operative word here is “wounds”. Those wounds are entering a woman’s vagina. I thought Kernes was a much smarter man, but to even dismiss the potential hazards of such a practice makes me wonder where he’s been all these years.

As an example of how insidious Kernes’ bullshit is, Axel Braun makes a statement today that he’s requiring performers to test for Hepatitis.

“Requiring a mandatory Hep-C test is an important step toward a more comprehensive system to limit the risks of exposure to sexually transmitted diseases without resorting to wearing hazmat suits,” said Braun.

Aw, c’mom, guys. Cut the crap.

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