Thoughts Over The Morning’s Third Cup of Coffee: Peter Acworth Better Start Packing; Blood on a Set is a No-No

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Wanna buy an armory? ‘Cause after Cal/OSHA gets through with Peter Acworth, the one in San Francisco might be up for sale. I hear it comes equipped with guns and cocaine for all your recreational diversions.

Acworth has to be squirming right now. He’s already got Cal/OSHA sniffing at his heels, but Cameron Bay’s testimony at yesterday’s AHF press conference is the deal clincher. Acworth is swearing up and down that Cam didn’t get HIV on his precious Public Disgrace set. But Bay told the press that there was blood [Xander Corvus’] and a lot of it on the set.

If you didn’t know, that’s a Cal/OSHA no-no, and Acworth who’s an esteemed member of the Free Speech Coalition should have known that. Acworth may have still been attending class at the prestigious Eton when TT Boy’s company Evasive Angles got clobbered by Cal/OSHA.

The fine’s were relatively minimal [I think something like $60,000 total], but TT had to leave the state and is now shooting illegally in Florida. I know the Feds are nosing around down there and they might find TT hiding under a rock somewhere in Ocala, but they got a lot to keep them occupied in San Francisco for the time being. I’m dying to see what happens.

Oops, bad word.


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