Thoughts Over The Morning’s Third Cup of Coffee: Sheena Shaw Story Proves We’re All in La La Land

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Performer Sheena Shaw was porn in Naples, Italy, but she must be from the planet Mars. Shaw, according to her, had an off camera relationship with John Stagliano who is HIV positive.

One must assume there was sexual congress going on because it was enough for Shaw to go on Twitter and denounce John Stagliano.

Sheena Shaw [email protected] tweeted: “In announcing my retirement from porn, I’d like to thank Mr John Stagliano… Who, in the future, should keep his penis in his fucking pants.”

That tells you a lot right there, but Slim Pickens is calling it a lovers spat. Is that what they call a Russian Roulette relationship down south?

It was enough, too, for Rob Black Wednesday night to rail against “the lies, deceit and destruction of Mike South who is sickening to me.”

“We have all seen he’s a shill and a liar,” said Black.

“He did a post- a fascinating post- which I had known- the fact that Mike South doesn’t find anything wrong with the issue? This is a guy who’s supposed to be taking care of the talent. Nothing more than a southern ignorant sonofabitch- another guy from the outside trying to destroy the business.”

According to Black, Shaw DM’ed him earlier in the day stating: “so you know Karen Stagliano’s husband has his hands deep in the cookie jar.”

“I hit her back, with you want to talk to lawyers? Mike South then runs his follow up to that story. Once again it’s pretty amazing. Mike South calls it ‘a poor choice of wording.’”

To me, Shaw’s DM to Black conveys a lot more. Again, it might be more bad wording, but it sounds to me like she’s accusing Stagliano of stealing. And, if so, from whom?

“South is calling it a lovers’ spat,” said Black. “Wow. Okay.”

“I had no idea who this Sheena Shaw is. Katie Summers said it doesn’t, but it does make sense. It doesn’t make sense that girls would want to have a relationship with someone that is HIV positive. She [Shaw] is an Evil Angel girl- all she works for is Evil Angel or Kink.

“Katie Summers said Shaw is cool and it’s puzzling that she would carry on a relationship that would invoke cookie jars and Karen Stagliano.”

Black said the business seems to be totally fine with any lies Stagliano tells as long as he dangles money in front of people. ‘I’ll give you five scenes a month if you let me put it in for a minute.’

Summers also told Black, ‘That anyone would put themselves in that position for money is disturbing.’

“Sheena Shaw is an active performer in the talent pool that works with everybody in the business,” says Black.

“She DM’s me to tell me, just so you know Karen Stagliano’s husband has his hands deep in the cookie jar. Mike South calls it a lovers’ spat. You realize, once again, that John Stagliano had a relationship with Sheena Shaw.

“This business never ceases to amaze me. He’s HIV positive, but Mike South calls it a lovers’ spat. Once again, what you’re all telling me is nobody has a problem that John Stagliano had a relationship, not with Karen, but with Sheena Shaw who’s not HIV positive.

“She’s an active performer in the business. They had a relationship which ended badly. She’s retired from the business. She tweets me that John Stagliano’s hands are in the cookie jar. And now she’s gone. Hmmm.

“Nobody seems bothered that John Stagliano is carrying on relationships with active people in the talent pool?” Black went on to say.

“I feel exasperated like we’re all in La La Land. We’re actors on the Truman Show. We are basically in the Truman Show, and it’s a make believe. Mike South is calling it a lovers spat. Wait a minute, John Stagliano’s HIV positive. She’s not, and they’re both active performers in this talent pool.

“You realize you cannot trust anybody? John Stagliano dates privately the women in the talent pool. Not only will he get away with a Brazilian woman and take his dick out, he’ll stick his bare hands in your vagina on camera then go home and bang around with talent privately.

“Guess what? Nobody’s safe. Am I in La La Land? It’s over, and we’re burning the business to the ground. This is what we’ve become. We’re becoming so reckless as to laugh in your face.

“John Stagliano will not tell you he’s HIV positive on camera, and privately not tell you he’s HIV positive. I guess Karen Stagliano is cool with the fact that John Stagliano is endangering peoples’ lives.”

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