Thoughts Over The Morning’s Third Cup of Coffee: You Call It The Adult Business; I Call it “Crime Story”

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Someone should change the name of the adult business to “Crime Story”.

Because with all the strange shenanigans going on as of late, you already got Alcatraz. Just re-open it and name a wing after AIM Medical Associates.

Remember how the AIM medical records were breached and the keyboard warriors saved the day? Now it appears the entire AIM catalog has been destroyed. Where are the keyboard warriors now when you really need them.

According to an XBiz news story, all of AIM’s clinic records, stored at a Public Storage locker in Sherman Oaks, Calif., were destroyed in March. Of course we’re only finding out about this five months later, but, still, sheesh. How do you think something like that happens?

How much money do you think Sharon Mitchell walked away with? And what was the extent of Michael Weinstein’s business relationship with Mitchell. All this is stuff you never heard about because it’s just your job to give AIM and APHSS money and never ask questions. So it takes Rob Black to make those inquiries for you. Some people don’t like him for doing that.

And Black was spot on Thursday night when he asked why is the adult business in the health business.

Black thinks the porn industry makes great porn, and I beg to differ with him, there. So, to me, it only validates the issue that porn has got no business in the testing of its performers, either. Black upholds the argument that there should be one centralized testing facility which doesn’t answer to porn.

I could give you a dozen reasons why porn wouldn’t like that. Let’s name a few and they all begin with the words “cover-up” “kickbacks” and “corruption”. If you had a health agency running on the up and up, the porn industry would have been shut down by now.

And you only have the debacle of last week and this week proving that this business is either run by morons or by thieves. Take your pick if you hate calling somebody a crook. Also, you got to figure with the number of tests performed each month somebody’s getting a piece of the action.

If the UAWA were in force, that hay ride would be over, according to Black. So you can see why porn isn’t exactly beating a path to Black’s door when he makes these proposals.

Personally the only way I can see Black getting these things done is if government came in and demanded it.

Nobody in this business is going to kill the goose that’s laying golden eggs. And while he’s at it, Black may have to have his people serve up a couple of arrest warrants. Just take another look at that XBiz story and ask yourself how do incriminating records just magically disappear.

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