“Thrown Aside Like a Piece of Dog Shit,” Rob Black Woos Tasha Reign

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What happened to Tasha Reign? Rob Black wanted to know. Black went to the LA Direct site to find that Reign is still on the site, but you would have to be on the inside to know that she’s no longer Derek Hay’s girlfriend.

“Teal Conrad- she don’t swallow, she don’t do it up her butt, she don’t do nothing.

“My question is- did Derek basically, is he trying to change his girl stature? Tasha Reign is basically done and she’s not hip right now. Teal Conrad looks like a little girl from Oz with nice perky boobs; you look at Reign and she’s a 23 yeard old war horse. Send me to Dubai, do me in the ass.”

Black wondered if Reign got sick of being brokered out for sex or the fact she didn’t need Derek any more.

Black then wondered if Reign is now being held up as the LA Direct poster girl of success.

“Taj, what happened? What happened to the power couple that hung out with bigwig directors like Porno Dan, and Teal Conrad took your place? How does it feel because in the porn world 19 versus 23- that’s a lot of anal and a lot of hookering and going to Dubai for privates.

“Teal, that’s a fucking wow. Now I’m looking at her- she’s cute, but cool, awesome. Taj I like my girls like you- rough around the edges with spunk to them. Hell, I’ll blow the president of Dubai.

Black figured that Reign no longer needed that “jerkoff” Derek

“Taj, I know I’m evil and the badman, but you’re a good speaker; if you can make some concessions, and I can make some concessions I think there could be an awesome place for you that would take you to the highest level of this profession.

“You got thrown aside like a piece of shit for Teal Conrtad. Tajie, you got pushed aside like a piece of dog shit for Teal Conrad. She’s taken your place. Tajie got booted for a 19 year old girl who hasn’t decided to be a prostitute and lets every guy and his mother fuck her in the asshole.

“Kicked to the curb, I’m asking you to join Rob Black. You are huge right now; you don’t need LA Direct. Tasha Reign, I won’t throw you aside like Derek Hay did. I think you put Teal Conrad to sham. Tasha Reign is gold in my book. Teal Conrad, Tasha Reign makes you look like a bag of shit. Taj, we will not you be hurt any more.”

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