Tiger Mistress Loredana Jolie Had Nervous Breakdown after Michelle Braun Revelations

Looks like we have another Shelley Lubben in the making.

from www.foxnews.com – Playboy model Loredana Jolie is cashing in on her sexual encounters with Tiger Woods with an innovative, two-prong publicity plan.

First, Jolie is taking golf lessons and plans to join an amateur golf tour.

That gets an ‘A’ for creativity.

But that’s just the appetizer.

Second, she is shopping a tell-all book that she says will detail the pro golfer’s alleged appetite “for threesomes and girl-on-girl sex parties,” her rep told the New York Post.

But wait, there’s more. Maybe.

RadarOnline.com says Jolie is also claiming she saw Tiger having sexual relationships with other men, which the web site says “is something no other mistress has claimed and there has been no proof.”

Jolie is reportedly shooting for a seven-figure payday, and would have to provide some seriously scandalous revelations to justify that payday, especially given the amount of seriously scandalous information that’s already out there.

Back to the golf.

Jolie’s rep told the New York Post that Loredana, “has quite a talent for golf, though I don’t know if she learned anything from Tiger . . . She is not worried that it might bring her face-to-face with Tiger.”

The rep also says Jolie suffered a nervous breakdown after convicted madam Michelle Braun said Woods went out with Jolie “four or five times” in 2006 and 2007, paying up to $15,000 for the opportunity.

Her rep continues to assert that Jolie did not receive money for sex with Woods, and is not, nor ever was, a prostitute.

She also said Jolie will “use part of the proceeds and the exposure from the Tiger Woods scandal to … [open] a transitional home for women who wish to escape or who have already escaped the sex industry.”

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