Tiger’s Tomato? Except The “Other Woman” is Denying the Affair

No matter how much it’s being smoothed over, the fact is Tiger Woods’ wife caught him cheating on her. The question is with whom.

from www.perezhilton.com – After speculation from several publications regarding her alleged affair with Tiger Woods, Rachel Uchitel [pictured] has denied every bit on it!

According to the National Enquirer, Ashley Samson, a friend of Uchitel, confirmed the relationship. Rachel is claiming that her friend made the story up because she got paid $25,000 to spill, but it doesn’t dismiss the facts. She was seen checking into the same Melbourne hotel that Tiger was staying at during the week of the Australian Masters.

“How is it possible that I walked up to the counter at [Woods’] hotel in Melbourne, asked for a room key, and went to the 35th floor? And that I would be dumb enough to let the Enquirer into the elevator and see me push the button saying ‘35?’” she said about the coincidence.

Yet, her stories went back and forth on why she was even in Melbourne. Uchitel originally said she was “on business,” then was there with “a boyfriend” and eventually switched back to her original story.

She has also been linked the married actor David Boreanaz which prevents her from participating in these extra-marital affairs any longer.

“Other things have happened in my past that would prevent me from doing anything like this. I have traveled with men that are quietly more important than Tiger Woods and it is incredibly difficult to get to their hotel room,” said the homewrecker.

But, we’ve also heard reports that she’s been “friends” with Ryan Seacrest as well!!!

She meets these celebs at her job as the Director of VIP services for Pink Elephant, a company that specializes in the NYC club scene.

“As part of my job, I have to keep many secrets about celebrities, so for [the Enquirer to report] me as going around telling people about something like this doesn’t make sense. I’m not that big of an idiot,” the idiot continued.

“God forbid Tiger got into a car wreck because of this false report of him having an affair. Despite it being completely untrue, it still must have certainly caused some problems at home — if I was his wife, I probably would have killed him. This is nothing to do with me. We have never had an affair, and the claims we did are completely false. We have never had an affair, talked on the phone or sent any type of text, sexy or not,” Uchitel told the New York Post. “I am really upset about it because I am being portrayed as a homewrecker, when it simply isn’t true.”


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