Time Travelers? Adult Performer Advocacy Committee Website Lists Dates in the Future

I see APAC is back in the headlines.

They announced a Newbie Orientation Panel to be held on April 6 at 7pm at an “unspecified location in Silver Lake.”

But if you go to their website, shit doesn’t work. www.apac-usa.com If you scroll down on the main page to What Have We Been Up To, there are three video windows with the dates of December 14, 15, 16 2014 that are blank and have a bunch of Latin gobbledygook under them.

You know what does work? The donate button with goes to a page that shows the address has been changed! It’s no longer Kimberly Kane’s address, it’s PO box 6662, Woodland Hills, CA 91365. The donations no longer go to Kimberly Kane, they go to a new place.

They weren’t able to change the website to make the videos work on the front page, but they made sure that the donations were changed. Are you guys fucking with me? This is amazing. Does the money go to Chanel Preston’s house now?

So they changed the website to where the money goes, but the front page? That they don’t bother to change. The videos have dates on them that haven’t fucking happened yet. They’re time traveling. December 14, 15 and 16 2014 hasn’t happened yet. Changing the donate button to reflect a new address apparently was important, but not changing the dates on the videos to show that they’re not time travelers.

We’ll talk more about this and other things on tonight’s show, but you people are in LaLa Land.

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