Tito Ortiz on Celebrity Ghost Stories: Jenna Jameson was ‘trapped by an entity’; maybe it was A Process Server

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Sharing his paranormal activity with the Biography channel as part of its “Celebrity Ghost Stories” show Tito Ortiz relates: “Something happened to Jenna. I was in the living room watching television. Jenna got up to go to the bathroom and I hear a slam.

‘Tito! Tito!’ I got up super quick and ran to the bathroom and the door won’t open. I grab the handle and I went to push and it wouldn’t budge. Is it locked? She says ‘No, there’s no lock in here. The light won’t turn on, can you please open the door?’

“I literally had to push with all my weight and the light was turned off. I said, ‘Why’d you turn the light off,’ and she said ‘The light won’t go on.’ I go to click it on and it won’t go on. She just looked at me and was like ‘Tito, I’m telling you, I tried opening the door and this light won’t turn on.’ As soon as she said the light won’t turn on, the light flickered back on. She looked at me, white as a ghost and said, ‘What is that?’ I said, ‘I don’t know.'”

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