Today I Hang Out At Summer Slam So This Is My Only Thought: You’ve Been Conned

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Thank you Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals. You said in an interview what I’ve been preaching for years.

That when Mark Kernes [and XBiz- they’re both guilty] start feeding you baloney and improbable statistics about the health of the adult industry, they are the fact and fancy of their originator, Paul Fishbein, the Hans Christian Andersen of porn, what with his fairy tales.

And, in September, you give Fishbein another chance to con you with one more award show. Get this- it’s a fan show and fans aren’t invited. Whichever, it’s Fishbein’s blatant attempt to get back into the porn business. He lost AVN. He didn’t sell it. He lost it.

I heard that first hand from Theo who held the note because Fishbein couldn’t pay him when Fishbein subcontracted work out. So much for the multi-billion dollar industry.

And, genius that he is, Fishbein never bothered to trademark the AVN name. I don’t know what the status is now, but anyone off the street could have bought the name. Who told me that? Attorney Michael Fattorosi.

No matter who said it, Rob Black speculates that will eventually become another Manwin tube site.

But the point in all this is Fishbein, if fingers are to be pointed, is the one who started this business on the down slide. Even Dr. Tibbals refers to the “gold rush” that was created in the porn industry in the early 2000’s. Is she ever correct.

That was Fishbein’s invention with these outrageous statistics designed to draw more suckers and investors into the floating crap game that is porn.

Fishbein’s empire was built on advertising, and this was the game he played. By giving the impression that there was millions to be made in porn, he got more and more people to start up companies with press releases that all made essentially the same statement: “We are excited to be starting so and so…”

You know how many of those marks are left? My point exactly. And you know how Fishbein had to collect on his ad bills? He took product which he loaded up his stores in Philly with. Eventually his partners told him they couldn’t sell the movies so that ended that little experiment. If this business is so lucrative, why couldn’t adult company owners pay their bills with actual cash?

Think about it- Manwin, the bad guy of porn- needed a huge float to get into the game. If porn was so lucrative, Manwin would have had all this loose change floating around instead of having to cuddle up with Wall St. investors.

I’ve told you stories about doctors and dentists and Hollywood players who were taken for a ride thinking they were going to make a quick killing in porn only to have some sot director literally drink up their investment.

Yeah, porn’s a multi-billion dollar business, alright. Thank you Dr. Tibbals for clarifying that one.

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