Tom Byron Asked Evil Angel for a Directing Gig and All He Got Was a Lousy $500 T Shirt

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Hey, we’d put Tom Byron on our porn Mt. Rushmore if we could afford a chisel.

Last week Rob Black, told the story about how Byron went to Christian Mann at Evil Angel looking for a director’s gig and was basically handed $500 and told to go fuck himself.

“Christian Mann and Tom Byron were friends along time ago,” Black recalled.

“Christian Mann has a junkie, fucked up crack head brother that Tom Byron lived with and was part of his junky brother’s life. When Tom Byron was a star and Christian Mann was what he is now, a fucking nobody, his brother was even more of a piece of shit.

“Tom Byron made sure this jerk off brother didn’t fucking kill himself. Tom Byron has over 30 years of history with Christian Mann. So he goes to Christian and asks, ‘Can I make a movie maybe every couple of months for old times sake?’

“‘Can you help me now? No, Tom, here’s $500, and it’s not even a gift.

“‘I have to make sure one of the guy’s shoots you so I can recoup that money.’

“But Dana DeArmond can have a deal. Belladonna’s boyfriend got a deal. Francesca Le got a deal.

“Out of respect, you can’t give the old guy a fucking place in the corner?

“Is that the gimmick, everybody has to pay for my sins?” Black asked.

“I will stop talking about John Stagliano and Christian Mann so they can throw Tom Byron a bone. How’s that? Christian Mann was being nice but says, ‘I’m going to make sure you do a scene.’

“For an Axel Braun Vivid movie Byron will get a grand. Von Swine will give you $600, $700. Joey Silvera, a good friend, gives you $500. Thanks, buddy. Thanks, friend.”


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