Tom Byron Joins AdultFYI

I have been given the reins to write for AdultFYI following the departure of the legendary Gene Ross. HUGE shoes to fill. I hope I’m up to the task.

It’s is a little daunting to look at a blank page and come up with something compelling to write. AdultFYI gets a ton of traffic. People are going to be looking to see if I can rise to the challenge.

I guess if anything, I have some stories I could share from my 31 years in the business. I have anecdotes about girls I’ve worked with over the years. I think I can come up with some stuff that you guys would like.

Like my first day on the set. I remember a lot of the details, from the place where we met (Denny’s on Ventura Blvd. It’s not there anymore) to the cast, the location in Sherman Oaks, (owned by a former Playboy model) to the camera operators, one of whom was a really hot brunette, who was more attractive than the girl I was working with.

And of course, how incredibly nervous I was. This was my big shot, something I wanted to do since I loaded up my 76 Capri and drove nonstop from Texas to California 3 years earlier to live out my dream of being the next John Leslie.

The scene didn’t go too well. We attempted a DP (my first) and after 4 or 5 strokes I had to come. Having seen a LOT of porno, I knew I had to pull out and I blew a rather large load all over her butt and my balls.

It was also the first time a girl ever licked my ass. The director Bobby Hollander told me before the scene that he wanted her to do that. Since then, I’ve done a lot of analingus receiving in my movies, I guess Bobby kinda sparked that flame. Some people like watching that, some don’t. You can blame Bobby if you don’t.

The name of the movie was Anything Goes, distributed by Gourmet Video. I used to have a copy of it. If I find it, I’ll post the scene here. It is fucking hilarious. And more than a little embarrassing.

I know it will take some time to get into the groove of this writing thing. I could use some help. If you have anything that you would like to know about me, the girls I’ve worked with, or anything about the adult business, please hit me up and let me know. You can reach me at [email protected]

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