Tom Byron Says: “Agents fined girls for refusing to work during the moratorium”; I Say: Start Sanctioning Companies

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I think I’ve covered the Mr. Marcus story as scrupulously as the next person, but some of the comments voiced in XBiz’s recent story about how the industry reacted to it, makes me wonder if I’ve been reading the same reports.

Can any one in their right mind think the industry handled this well? Yet there are company owners applauding FSC and APHSS as though Diane Duke hit the high C’s in some operatic aria.

Or, you’d think, because Duke was just rewarded with a three year extension on her contract. An outfielder who muffs a fly ball to lose the World Series is not embraced in the dugout like a hero.

In the similar vein of booting the ball, Duke had no business putting Mr. Marcus on the firing line to give a statement that could have turned into a libel suit. But she did. And that was for starters.

Especially with the number of HIV cases under its belt, you’d also think there’d have been a Plan A in the event of syphilis. But until a couple of months ago testing for it wasn’t even a consideration. Another bravo for Duke.

According to the XBiz story, many in the business suggest that TTS and APHSS “may have mishandled the crisis due to ‘politics.’” Which is putting it mildly. Politics is what’s keeping Duke and the FSC gang of stumblebums in tenure.

If you’ve been around this business as long as I, the other comment in the XBiz story about those who’ve softened their stance and are ready to move on, is, sadly, all too true.

The adult business doesn’t learn from its mistakes, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Mr. Marcus was met with a standing ovation at the AVN awards in January.

I think 30-year industry vet Tom Byron called it right.

“It couldn’t have been handled any worse,” Byron told XBiz.

“I think syphilis threw everyone for a loop,” Byron added.

“There were loose protocols in place for HIV, but since syphilis is curable, but more dangerous than chlamydia and gonorrhea, people were confused about how to isolate it.

“Throw altered test results into the mix; it was just a big mess. The infighting didn’t help, one side claiming the other was being complicit in said altering, differing opinions about inoculations, agents fining girls for refusing to work during the moratorium. We’ve really shown the world we can’t police our own.”

Byron’s remark about the agents is a bit eyebrow raising, but totally believable knowing this business; and his opinion that the industry can’t police its own hits the nail right on the head.

Immoral Productions proprietor Dan Leal’s also of the belief that Duke & Co. botched Operation Syphilis.

“The supposed leaders in the adult industry who jumped the gun and tried to defend the actions of someone who has jeopardized the health of hundreds of performers need to step down,” added Leal.

FSC board member Christian Mann, during the Mr. Marcus press conference on August 22nd, commented that while Marcus’ “behavior can’t be excused… we don’t throw our own away and we’re not setting ourselves up as judge and jury of anyone.”

That’s the best back pedaling I’ve seen since Lance Armstrong.

It was during that press conference that Duke & Mann also commended Marcus for being courageous. That sent me scurrying to a dictionary wondering if the definition had been revised.

“[Mr. Marcus] didn’t come clean; he was outed,” Byron points out.

“Had he not been caught, who knows how much longer he would have continued? Seriously, how do you show up on set with your penis in the condition his was in on that Bang Bros. shoot?”

To that let me add, if the industry wants to police itself, it should begin by fining companies like Bang Bros. and 101 Modeling for allowing an abominable incident like that to occur.

“People need to understand that what he [Marcus did was monstrous,” Byron continued.

“He didn’t ‘make a mistake.’ He deliberately and deceitfully exposed other talent to a very serious disease, forced a moratorium that cost not only talent, but lighting crews, makeup artists, a whole host of people who make their living in the biz.”

Byron called for Marcus to retire.

“Pete Rose was banned from baseball forever because he gambled on his sport,” Byron noted. “Marcus gambled with people’s health and potentially their lives. This is the one thing you don’t get a second chance on. I think Marcus should never be allowed to perform sex in this business ever again.”

Except you know as well as I, that’s not what’s going to happen.


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