Tony Batman and Schevelle Land in The Lodge vs. American Solutions Fall Out

Dallas, Texas – Tony Batman o posts: The dynamic duo of Tony Batman and his showgirl partner, Schevelle found themselves facing the cameras of MSNBC on October 27, 2009, as Dallas strip club owner, Dawn Rizos placed her American Solutions for Winning the Future refund check into doing good for animals in a Texas animal shelter.

Roving reporter for the Rachel Maddox show on MSNBC, Kent Jones arrived at The Lodge with many questions for Rizos. Before the adult entrepreneur sat down to answer his questions about how The Lodge had come into the nomination process for the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award, sponsored by the conservative group headed by former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, Rizos arranged for Batman and Schevelle to guide him through the inner workings of the club.

Schevelle reminisces, “Dawn introduced Tony and me to Kent, and we showed him the trophy room where The Lodge displays their awards and the VIP areas of the club, as well as introducing him to some of the house dancers. Then I sat down to dinner with Kent, as he sampled the award winning lobster and Angus steak dinner, that has made The Lodge famous in Dallas. Kent asked us a lot of questions, and was very polite to me.”

However, Batman reports much less enthusiasm on the part of Jones and MSNBC’s line producers in attendance during the taping of the segment, regarding his ties to the adult entertainment industry. “I was talking to Kent about my long association with both the Gentlemen’s clubs across the US and my involvement with the adult film industry, and he started to become very uncomfortable at the mention of adult films. He told me that he didn’t want porn to become part of his report. It never ceases to amaze me that talking about strip clubs is okay in most people’s versions of ‘Polite conversation’, but mention the adult entertainment industry and all of a sudden it turns into an uncomfortable silence. That double standard needs to end. I know in my heart that Schevelle would have had at least half of the 30 odd minutes of interview she taped with Kent Jones end up on air, if he hadn’t learned that I have ties to the adult industry and that Schevelle is interested in doing some web cam and video work in the future. Even though Schevelle did get some screen time on the show, it was of her sitting with Kent at dinner, and none of the actual interview he did with her.”

Schevelle finds good in the whole situation however, “I think that Dawn Rizos made a very good decision. I am so proud of her and I enjoyed being part of her announcement that she is using the money Gingrich’s group tried to bilk her out of for a good cause. She is taking that $5000 she was going to pay American Solutions for a fake award, and is putting it into funding an animal shelter. That money will help innocent victims of misguided public hatred and scorn; namely abused and abandoned pit bulls and other animals deemed as too dangerous or undesirable to place into regular pet adoption programs. Someday, even people like Newt Gingrich, and people that think like him, will realize that all living things should be treated with compassion and dignity and given help and comfort when they are in need. To me and Tony, Dawn is much more of an upstanding human being for realizing that and acting on it, than for any bogus award she might have been offered a chance at buying.”

Schevelle and Batman are still touring the US, performing stage shows at Gentlemen’s Clubs. They will be appearing at various adult nightclubs in Nevada and California during the month of November.

Link to Rachel Maddox show video:

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