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(WORLD WIDE WEB) — Proof that big companies sometimes spin their wheels and waste valuable time of their own and others, VS Media with the help of CE Cash [not sure of the affiliation], sent Top Pro Talent the following e-mail:
We received the following letter from VS Media, the provider of the
Pamela Anderson Lee and Tommy Lee content. Please remove any mention of the video feed from your sites by midnight, August 31, 2003. While this is completely out of our control, we apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. Thank you for your continued support.

CE Cash

[Edited Version]
FROM: VS Media Legal and Compliance Department
TO: Licensees of the Pamela Anderson Lee and Tommy Lee Content
DATE: August 25, 2003
RE: Cease and Desist as of Midnight August 31, 2003

Dear Webmasters:

PLEASE NOTE that your right to display the Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee video, including any parts of the video, and your right to use ANY promotional materials pertaining to the video, will cease at midnight on August 31, 2003. (See Paragraph 3.6 of our Marketing Agreement.)

advertisements and promotion of the Pam and Tommy product, including
all banners, pop-ups, search engine advertisements, etc., have been
removed from all your web sites, all your marketing materials and all
other places under your control by midnight August 31, 2003. Any
publication, display or other use of any Pam and Tommy materials after
midnight August 31, 2003 will be in violation of our Marketing
Agreement and could expose you to serious liability.

Sincerely, / VS Media, Inc., Legal and Compliance Department

After receiving this e-mail, TPT responded:

To Whom It May Concern:

I do not have, nor have I ever had, this feed on my site. I also never referenced it, yet had I did in the context of a news story, I am covered legally by freedom of speech laws to do so in a news format. They possibly saw my site referenced in a search engine because in a recent news story I mentioned Pam Anderson, but not the Bay Watch girl, the administrative assistant to Sean Michaels, who also shares the same name.

Please advise them that is an adult news site. We plan to add a members area soon, but at this time do not have one and do not offer the feed in question, nor do we plan on offering that content in the future.

Please let me know that this error on their behalf has been corrected.

Wayne C. Lewis

To which someone named “Nancy” responded:

We are just asking that you check your sites to be sure you don’t have any of the links. You may or may not have them, we’re just asking that you remove them if you happen to have them on any of your sites.



And finally, to which TPT responded:

What did they e-mail everyone with an adult site?

A little silly and a waste of everyone’s time if you ask me. But hey, I can’t tell you how to do business.

Editor’s Note: This is very interesting. TPT has never had an account with VS Media, at least not one we set up.

I’m sure some readers are asking, “ok, is this news?” Well, yes, sort of. 🙂

We all have enough fuckin’ junk mail in our inbox on a daily basis. It would be nice if big companies like VS Media didn’t add to it.

Thank you, I feel better now! 🙂


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