Tori Black vs Monica Foster

Back in early October 2015, Monica Foster spent a weekend drunk & alone & went on a rampage posting on PWL talking about how popular she is, she even went as far as comparing herself to Tori Black. This past week, Foster ran her faghole about her looks and how she gets more publicity than the top porn performers.

Well, it’s past time to compare Fostard with Tori Black. A picture is worth a 1000 words. Please observe for yourself and feel free to comment!

One thing that I would like to point out: Fostard has for years been accusing the men in porn who date/marry a pornstar as being their PIMP (without proof) yet Fostard won’t make any of those accusations to Tori Black’s husband & it’s because he’s black! Fostard overlooks the fact that the police had to get involved with those two and a domestic violence situation and it was even caught on hotel security how Tori’s hubby got physical with her. As usual, Fostard ignores proof, makes shit up, and post whatever she wants. This is what happens to a person who is a failure in life.


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