Tristan Stadtmuller reports Monica Foster into the IRS for tax evasion

Monica Foster

I heard through the grapevine today, that Tristan Stadtmuller did in fact, file a complaint with the IRS accusing Monica Foster (real name Alexandra Mayers) for tax evasion. It turns out that webcam models are SUPPOSED to report their earnings into the IRS like all self-employed people are required to do, which also includes UBER & LYFT drivers. From what I heard, Stadtmuller reported to the IRS that Mayers hasn’t reported her earnings as far back as 2007! Already Foster being in debt of approximately $500,000 (she’s already in debt despite that the court hasn’t granted the motions yet), but now if the IRS decides to move forward with this (they ALWAYS go after people who don’t pay their taxes, even Al Capone couldn’t escape them), the IRS will force webcam companies like Streamate to deduct a certain percentage of Foster’s earnings when she prostitutes herself online.

2017 is going to be a shitty for Foster.


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