Tristan Stadtmuller’s Mediation with Monica Foster

I am posting this because I am sick of how Foster is acting like she WON with that mediation bullshit that wasted 4 hours of my life! It didn’t waste Foster’s life because we all know that she doesn’t work, have any friends nor family to spend time with, and etc.

First off, I want to point out that Foster had the chance to stand before a judge with me back in January of this year after she applied for a TPO on me and she didn’t show up, but I did! Foster, to this day, REFUSES REFUSES REFUSES to talk about this and even acknowledge it. Even though the official court document about Foster being a no show is on this website, TRPWL, and PWL, Foster REFUSES to talk about it. Before the hearing, the judge referred it to mediation and Foster declined it because she wanted it to go to court, which again she didn’t appear and I did.

Back in May, Foster went to the Randazza legal firm and afterwards, she went to the same court house and applied for another TPO on me. This time, Foster wanted to go to mediation! Despite the bullshit that Foster says, the judge once again referred it to mediation and Foster had the choice of saying YES or NO like she did before. Before I go on, Foster had submitted another idiotic pleading to the court with the lawsuit against her stating that the judge only gave her the option of Mediation, what a fucking idiot thinking that this judge will believe that! What’s funny is that Foster threw in about our mediation when it has nothing to do with Jennifer Randazza.

In a way, I’m glad that I got to meet Foster face to face. Trust me when I say this, race has NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING to do with her not being able to make a good living off of her body and looks. She has no sex appeal and those huge glasses that took up half of her face didn’t help. She showed up to mediation with a shitty afro, lol! I saw her walking up to the building on the sidewalk when I was DRIVING by, what a site to see! She stood out like a sore thumb! She was power walking in high heels. She doesn’t even know how to walk sexy in heels. Anyone who sex traffics her would only get about $20 out of it!

Anyways, we spent 4 hours with me listening to her play victim and how she feared for her life of me thinking that I’m going to kill her and other BS. She then said that she’s afraid of appearing to court because she’s afraid that I may gun her down when she tries to go in. What an idiot! There’s over a dozen armed police officers at that courthouse and every courthouse in the U.S.

She lied about me contacting her and asking her if she could play mediator between me and Nikita Denise and she would talk to her for me and other BS. What’s funny, is that Foster deleted ALL of her tweets of what started the drama between us and not too long ago, I posted just a few of them on my Twitter so that she could see them. Now she knows that I saved them and that once again I can prove her to be a liar.

Foster wanted me to agree to three things:

1) Not to get involved in the lawsuit against her.
2) Not to have any communications with Donny Long.
3) Not to talk to her anymore.

I found it funny that she didn’t want me to talk to her anymore as she had no problems in the past tweeting me directly, especially when I was AT AEE 2015 and she was glued to my Twitter and commenting on every picture that I had posted, like that of me and Asa Akira and me and Ron Jeremy. I also found it funny that she didn’t want me to get involved with the lawsuit against her when she ALWAYS gets involved with everything that I do. That psycho contacts EVERYONE that I associate with to defame me and show them her shitty blogs.

Foster is acting like she WON with mediation! Basically, all I did was state in writing that I have no intentions of doing her any physical harm nor will I ever do it. I told Foster right to her face that I will not risk throwing my life away for a loser like her. I did agree not to talk to her directly and she agreed to the same thing, which she violated already with her fake accounts harassing me. One thing that Foster also neglects to mention, is that I got her served with both a CEASE & DESIST LETTER & a DEMAND LETTER both written by a paralegal that I had hired to write them.

Foster keeps talking shit about having people Google my name to see all the “factual”, as she calls it, the defamation that she had posted about me on her shit sites and on in an attempt to ruin my life and make as miserable as she is. Foster has a negative mind and she’s an alleged drug addict and alcoholic and she’s unable to think both logically and rationally. There’s a reason why she looks so horrible. I back up my shit, even when I talk shit about others!

After 2 years, Foster couldn’t stand before a judge with me and show him all of her bullshit “EVIDENCE” that proves that I’m involved with illegal prostitution, a well-documented stalker, or anything else that she writes about me. Keep this in mind, Foster wrote that all sex workers and all women are in danger of me. She contacted my friend Ivana and told her that I was going to end up stalking her and her 3 year old daughter. If all of her bullshit blogs about me were true, the judge could have ordered my arrest right then and there. FYI, mediation is down outside of the court with county workers and no law enforcement are present. Mediation is done because a judge reviews the TPO application and feels that there’s no stalking going on and that it would waste the courts time. So Foster keeps boasting that she WON with mediation and other BS, all she did was put more shit out so that people can see how stupid and how pathetic and how full of shit she is. Also, since she claims that she lives in Florida, now she’s going to have to prove against Randazza that she traveled back and forth! Is she truly lived in Florida, she would have applied for a TPO against me out there, not travel here to Vegas. A person can’t apply for a TPO in a place that they do not reside. Why not have me travel to Florida and defend myself against a TPO?



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