Truth: Why Monica Foster is obsessed with the Luxury Companion!

Monica Foster

An anonymous source has told me that Monica Foster tried to become an escort at the Luxury Companion.

The company REJECTED Foster as they felt that she wasn’t good enough with the kind of clients that they cater to.

Women at the Luxury Companion make approximately $2000/hr. All the years that Foster has been hooking, being a live-in girlfriend, porn actress, etc, she has NEVER been able to pull in that much money.

Foster was rejected by the Luxury Companion simply because she wasn’t attractive enough. Go to their website and see the kind of women that they represent and compare them to Foster. Foster can’t even come close to comparing to the women at the Luxury Companion.

So there you have it, Foster is obsessed with TLC because they rejected her and she’s held a grudge ever since.



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