Tube Site Offers Nick Stahl an iPad

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from – When is getting an iPad for Christmas not a good thing? When you’re Nick Stahl … and the iPad comes from a porn site that is trying to help you not get caught masturbating in public.

The magnanimous folks over at have sent Stahl a letter, offering to provide the “Terminator 3” star with a brand new iPad to “do your private business in a tranquil setting” … far away from friends, family, and pesky vice cops.

As an added bonus, the iPad comes with a GPS … so Nick will never go missing ever again.

TMZ broke the story … Nick was busted Thursday for allegedly committing a lewd act while watching a porno in a booth at an L.A. adult store. He later called the whole thing a “misunderstanding.”

The letter reads:

Dear Nick,

We are very sorry to hear of your recent arrest in Hollywood for committing a lewd act in a public adult bookstore. It really touched us.
We understand more than most, the amount of great adult content available these days from all of our dear friends in the San Fernando Valley.

We also understand that sometimes it can be very difficult to do your private business in a tranquil setting. That’s why we’d like to send you a brand new iPad so you can view our website, in a private setting away from your fans and most of all, Los Angeles finest!

While its hard to fathom that there are still people who prefer to go to bookstores for their adult fix, I’d be negligent if I didn’t let you know that our website is completely free and features literally thousands of free clips from all of your favorite porn producers.

Dozens of niches can be found on our website, and the upside of viewing our site via a mobile device is that your family and friends can find you once you set the settings and download the find my iPad app! You will never go missing again.

Please send us a good address to send you your iPad, and we hope you enjoy our website.

Kurt Allen

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