Turds of a Feather Bill Margold and Dirty Bob Reject The Rob Black Show XRCO Sponsorship

On March 20, 2014, we saw an article posted in AVN. It read “It’s XRCO’s 30th Anniversary; Sponsorship Opportunities Open”

For those who missed it, here it is:

“The annual XRCO Awards Show is right around the corner and this year the organization celebrates three decades of honoring the very best in the adult industry. For 2014, the XRCO Awards returns to Hollywood Boulevard with a star-studded show at OHM (formerly called Highlands Hollywood) on Wednesday April 16.”

“Co-hosting for the 30th anniversary show are XXX legends Ron Jeremy and Julia Ann along with one of the hottest stars in the industry, Bonnie Rotten. This high-powered trio takes the stage on April 16 for a night of fun, nostalgia and honors for the biggest and brightest stars in the adult entertainment industry.”

“The XRCO Awards Show is the biggest industry-only party and is supported 100 percent by the generosity of its sponsors. This year’s sponsors so far  include industry mainstays Wicked Pictures, Evil Angel, Vivid Video, IAFD.com and Axel Braun Productions.”

 “Our sponsors are always fantastic,” said XRCO Chairman Dirty Bob. “They always step up for us. We can always use more sponsors at all levels  to help cover the costs of our show. ”

“Suggested sponsorship levels can be found here; click on “Sponsorship Opportunities” in the main menu at the top of the page for the full list. Anyone interested please respond ASAP as the cut-off date for sponsorships and ads is fast approaching.”

“Anyone interested in participating as a sponsor for the Awards Show can contact Dirty Bob.
The 2014 XRCO Awards Show takes place on April 16 at 8 p.m. (red carpet starts at 7 p.m.) at OHM (formerly called Highlands Hollywood—newly remodeled!)”

Rob and I thought it would be fun to do set up a table and have a cameraman with a remote feed to broadcast live on The Rob Black Show and have me do interviews with people who were attending the show and also have Katie Summers do interviews from the red carpet. We also wanted to inquire about doing a sponsorship since they went to the trouble of putting out a press release calling for sponsors.

That same day I noticed a tweet from Bill Margold that he posted on March 13:

“Wonder if The Black Plague will allow Tom Byron out to “play-ay-ay” at XRCO 30 on Wednesday April 16? Be an honor to have him there.”

Now, as some of you may know, Bill Margold fills his Twitter feed with an awful lot of derogatory references to Rob. It’s rather apparent that they don’t like each other very much. I’ve always had a cordial relationship with Bill, even though he doesn’t put me on his imaginary Mount Rushmore of XXX. He’s an opinionated guy, with opinions I often don’t agree with, especially his assessments of my friends. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I don’t have to agree with them. I don’t agree with all of Rob’s opinions, but I still consider him a close friend.

I gotta admit though, I was a little insulted by Margold’s inference that I had to be “allowed” to attend the XRCO by “The Black Plague” (Rob) If I wanted to go to the XRCO, I would, but it seems a little pointless considering I wasn’t nominated for anything and we have a show to broadcast that night. While Rob does his show, my role is to monitor it and make sure the feed is working and to tweet out the links to the broadcast and also make notes for any articles I write on AdultFYI. It’s no secret that I write the articles. Rob’s name is attached to them because they are his thoughts and opinions and he is the one who should take credit for them. He has a knack for speaking that I don’t have and I have a knack for writing, spelling and grammar. So it’s a good fit.

When we saw that XRCO was seeking sponsorships, we thought it would be a good idea to sponsor the show and broadcast from there, thereby actually giving me a reason to attend other than just the 30th anniversary. It’s nice that Margold considers it an “honor” for me to be there, but like I said, I have work to do.

So on March 20, the day the article on AVN was posted, I sent the following email to Dirty Bob:

Hi Bob,

We wanted to inquire about an XRCO sponsorship with The Rob Black Show and also doing a live feed from the show to broadcast on RBS. Bill Margold tweeted that he wanted me there for his anniversary thing.

We would like to set up a spot with a table to do interviews and also have Katie Summers do red carpet interviews.

This should be interesting. Let me know how we can proceed.

– Tom Byron

I waited several days for a response and got none. On March 25, I emailed Bill Margold:


Saw your tweet. If you want me there, here’s what I need. Rob and I wanted to inquire about being a sponsor at the upcoming XRCO and setting up a table and bringing a one man camera crew and do interviews and have Katie Summers do red carpet interviews. I emailed Dirty Bob about it and he hasn’t responded, so I figured I would ask you.

– Tom Byron

To which Bill replied:

Please feel free to contact MIKE MOZ and he will see to it that you (and Katie) are on the Guest List, and that you will have the opportunity to present an award.

It will be an honor to have you there as you were a BIG part of XRCO 1.
MIKE MOZ (213) 222-3XXX
[email protected]

Note that there is nothing in the email responding to what I actually asked him, being a sponsor, setting up a table, doing interviews, etc. Just contact Mike Moz about getting on the guest list. I didn’t respond, for the reasons I stated. I’m busy with the show, so if I can’t make XRCO part of the show and make it worthwhile to attend, I’m not interested. Plus, like I said, I was insulted by Margold’s tweet. He basically called me a bitch. When I respond and say OK, but here’s what I want, he tells me to call Mike Moz and ignored what I asked him.

So since Margold wouldn’t answer my questions, I once again emailed Dirty Bob:

Hi Bob

Let me know either way if this is something we can do. We want to set up a table or something  with me doing interviews and Katie doing red carpet interviews and and broadcast it live on The Rob Black Show and we will need to set that up. Also, I wanted to see about sponsorship.

I would really appreciate the courtesy of a response. Please get back to me as soon as you can.


– Tom Byron

Finally on March 29, 2014 I received a reply:


Sorry for the delay in responding; my dad died last week and things have been crazy. He was in the hospital for 7 weeks.  You can imagine how difficult it has been.  He was 84.

At this point everything is pretty much filled up. Since the club’s new remodel and policies, we can’t do tables there – and the red carpet is already overflowing with people.

I really do appreciate your interest, and past support. I always felt you were one of the good guys out there.

Again, thanks.  Maybe next year…


First off, sorry about your dad. I lost mine in 2011. 84 is a good long life, though.

I’m a little confused, though. You say everything is “filled up” meaning, I assume, sponsorships. I emailed you on March 20, the very day that YOU posted a press release calling for sponsorships. I followed the instructions on that press release, which was to contact you, Dirty Bob. I notice that Jules Jordan and Girlfriend Films are now listed as sponsors, which they weren’t on March 20. How fast did the sponsorships fill up? Did Jules Jordan or Girlfriends Films contact you on March 20? Did the sponsorships and red carpet fill up suddenly on March 20?

I would appreciate a little honesty, that’s all. You don’t want The Rob Black Show to be there. It has nothing to do with being filled up and the club not allowing tables or an overflowing red carpet. XRCO asked for sponsors and Bill Margold wants me there for his anniversary presentation. It’s not like we were planning to go, but Dirty Bob called out for sponsors and we replied right away. We were ignored, but apparently Jules Jordan and Girlfriends Films were not. Why is this? Our money is just as green as theirs.

Bill Margold initiated this with an insulting tweet. When I called him on it and said OK, but here’s what I want, he ignored my request and said to call Mike Moz to be on a guest list. Dirty Bob said their card is full this year after putting out a press release requesting sponsors. After being insulted and lied to, it is unlikely that I will be attending XRCO this year.

Maybe next year…

– Tom Byron

Rob Black adds his two cents:

Two weeks away from the event and you guys couldn’t use a coupla extra fazools for sponsors? Tom Byron hit you over a week ago and now you’re filled up? Really? You lying cunts. So you wanna put people on blast and when they step up, you wanna fucking lie? Bob, you don’t have the balls to say I’m sorry, but I’m not gonna let you guys on the fucking show? We’re not gonna let you participate in the XRCO, even though Bill Margold put you on blast and when we stepped up to make him look like a punk bitch, you have to look like an equally punk bitch and say, “At this point, everything’s pretty much filled up. Since the club’s new remodel and policies, we can’t do tables there – and the red carpet is already overflowing with people.”

The red carpet is overflowing with people. So Tom Byron and one other person are gonna be the ones who make Noah’s ark explode. Really, Dirty Bob?

“Maybe next year…” So that directly contradicts Bill Margold’s big mouth and Bill Margold pushes it off to Mike Moz. Margold tweets on the 13th “Wonder if The Black Plague will allow Tom Byron out to “play-ay-ay” at XRCO 30 on Wednesday April 16? Be an honor to have him there.” Basically saying, “Hey Tom Byron you bitch. You think your master will let you come out and play at the XRCO?” Tom Byron hits him back and says not only will his master let him come out, he’s gonna bring a coupla fazools for a sponsorship and your response is to call Mike Moz. Then Dirty Bob finally hits back and says they’re all filled up. Maybe next year.

Bill Margold listens to everything I say, reads everything and tweets about it. Like any stalker, when he’s put on blast he runs and hides. Call Mike Moz. Bill Margold’s new name is Mr. Run and Hide. Tom Byron sends him an email about doing a sponsorship and conducting interviews on the red carpet and Bill Margold’s response is to call Mike Moz. Mike Moz isn’t the one tweeting about us and calling Tom Byron a bitch. I think it was Bill Margold who said to Tom Byron do you think your master will let you come out to the XRCO awards.

After Bill Margold pawns it off to Mike Moz, Dirty Bob just pawns it off to being busy. XRCO is such a busy show that they don’t have any room now. Can you believe that? That’s how popular the XRCO show is. Three weeks ago, they’re begging for sponsors and now they’re overflowing with money and people. They don’t have any room now. They’re flush with cash and have no room.

When we first hit Dirty Bob, Jules Jordan and Girlfriends Films weren’t on the sponsor list. But now they are. I guess Dirty Bob did some business during his sabbatical.

The thing is that you don’t even have the balls to say we don’t want you guys there, even though we call you out to make you look like punks. “All booked up. Sorry.” Take a look at the XRCO website, the biggest piece of shit website out there. You don’t have any more room to put up a banner? You’re both a couple of fucking liars.

Fuck you Bill Margold and fuck you Dirty Bob.

– Rob Black

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