Twitter’s Biggest Loser Has Been Found!

Found this loser while reading the depressing and sad Twitter feed of Mercedes Ashley, which is around 90% auto-tweets at this point – although she is still available for bachelor parties for those interested, cancer and all. If there is a bigger loser anywhere, point him out.

So this clown has a hit list of porn hookers that he would like to call or web cam with. His grand total adds up to the tune of over five grand. Some of the things on this list can be knocked out by simply visiting tube or torrent sites but some people never learn. Behold, his list of the saddest, most wasteful use of money imaginable:

Cq-w84NWAAAw6Ms.jpg large

$5400.00 This guy could easily visit a legal brothel or Thailand or the Philippines and his money would go several thousand times farther rather than throw it away on these overpriced, aging whores. The $500 for a date with the cancer stricken, worn out, 40 something Mercedes could buy him several nights with young Thai spinners in Pattaya, for example. I guess some people don’t know what they don’t know.

If you are inclined, this man’s Twitter feed is @timmcelfresh. Check it out for all the sad details.

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