Tyler Faith Is Now Working for the Terrorists and Apparently She Likes It

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Back in the old days of KSEX, Tyler Faith used to live with Wankus who ran the show over there. Whenever Faith would join Wankus on-air they basically did what Rob Black does now- they exposed the warts of the business.

Faith and Wankus broke up. Wankus found God, and KSEX on Porno Dan’s, watch went out of business.

I’ve run into Tyler, maybe one time since all that happened. But I noticed today on my Twitter ticker tape she states the following: Tyler Faith @tylerfaith 7m

#FF @brazzers and their unbelievably awesome network of sites that I love working for

Wow. Consorting with the enemy. Tyler Faith, the brash, cool outspoken Boston chick who always had something controversial to say. She sold out.

As a footnote, Faith used to be a Frank Koretsky contract girl before she went over to Jill Kelly.

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