Type 9 Modeling Didn’t Tell a Female Performer John Stagliano Has HIV, Charges Rob Black

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I’ve been saying all along Diane Duke and her ilk have got to go. Rob Black, and rightly so, also called for new leadership in the adult business as well. On his Internet show which aired Monday he mentioned a couple of female performers as candidates for leadership, not necessarily the FSC, including Bobbi Starr and Dana Vespoli.

“I want to know why they don’t stand behind Lisa Ann www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=58064 ,” said Black.

“How does a feminist have a guy that tells them what to do, when to do it, what’s going on. And they go, I gotta call my agent. Really?”

Black pointed out how in regular movies the agent is always portrayed as cowtowing to the performer, whereas in the adult business, it’s the agent who calls the shots.

Black said he also singles out Kelly Shibari to “fuck with.”

“She doesn’t know the history of this business,” said Black.

“I think she thinks strong women started a year ago with her. But truthfully, I do find her an example of a feminist to the extent she doesn’t have an agent. She doesn’t have a guy per se telling her what to do. But there’s never a sense with Kelly that she has fear in her eyes.

“She’s dating Tim Von Swine. There’s a match made in heaven. Jesus Christ, watching them fuck. Oh my God. But Kelly practices what she preaches.”

Black said you don’t go to someone like Bud Lee to ask permission for Kelly to eat a sandwich during a sex scene.

“No, you actually have to go to Kelly, ‘Kelly, would you mind if we did this and Kelly says yes or no. I qualify that as someone who’s a feminist, someone who speaks their mind. Someone who doesn’t rely on a guy to make choices for her.”

As an example of how agents operate, Black talked about how a female performer who, as a newbie, worked for Type 9 Modeling.

“Type 9 booked her for a John Stagliano Stretch Class movie,” Black related.

“They said to her you’re working with Evil Angel the biggest company in the business. He’s Buttman. He’s the pioneer. You do this thing and he stretches your asshole.

“So she does the scene and that’s it. Is there anything I’m missing from this story? Let me explain to you. That girl was later in our office eight months ago where we were talking about this and that, the condom debate and what’s going on.

“I go, Buttman, HIV. This girl looked at me and goes, what???!!! I said John Stagliano has had HIV for 12-13 years. She’s stuttering and her fucking face is going white. I go, what? She says ‘I worked with him. I did this thing Stretch Class.’ I go okay. She said nobody told me…

“She goes, he puts his face in my ass and then he takes dildos and shoves them in my pussy and in my asshole. I spread my asshole apart and he takes the dildo and sticks it in. Then the dildo will fall on the ground.”

“I find this a little disturbing,” said Black.

“If you’re talent and go to Type 9- aren’t they in litigation right now where they’re getting hit by the Weinstein condom people for sending talent to unsafe work conditions? Okay. Me it’s like, holy shit. If a 21 year old girl came in your office and you said I got this scene for you. Oh, by the way, it’s not a big deal, but the gentleman you’ll be working with is HIV positive. It’s your choice if you’re comfortable with that.

Black said if you work for a regular company you’re not allowed to go to a co-worker and ask them about their HIV status, neither is a person obliged to tell you that.

“But I would think if you work in the sex business where you’re exchanging fucking sex stories you would. You’re taking your hands and spreading apart a woman’s anus where your thumb or fingers- I don’t know about you but I chew my cuticles and my cuticles are nasty as fuck.”

“I’m lost on this,” says Black.

“I have a wound on my hand and I’m a quarter-inch away from your gaping anus. Don’t you think you should have the choice to perform a scene with me if I have HIV? Don’t you want someone to fucking tell you? Don’t you want your agent to tell you when you go to work for Kink, doesn’t your agent say, here’s the gimmick. They’re going to fuck you and they’re going to take a cattle prod and they’re going to shock you.

“Doesn’t Kink sit there with a compliance tape? Don’t they tell you what they’re going to do to you? Kink puts condoms on all the toys. They never touch.”

So why wouldn’t your agent tell you and give you that option? That’s all. Are all your people really ready to get in a pissing contest with the powers-that be?

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