Typical Monica Foster followers

Monica Foster

Meet Anthony Brooks. This obese, middle age black man is your typical Monica Foster supporter and follower. She has 13,900 Twitter followers but around 13,865 or so are fake. Her hardcore followers and supporters are few. They usually consist of overweight, homely looking black men which is about all she can get at this point. Let’s take a look at these visions of loveliness:


Anthony is an unpopular (Under 50 followers to show for his 5 years on Twitter), obese, nerdy looking, middle age black virgin that Tweets @ black hookers in-between retweeting the works of liberal douche bags like Bill Maher.


Kelly Robinson. Overweight, middle age black man that appears to have down syndrome. Kelly boasts a whopping 33 followers to show for his 4 years on Twitter. Kelly is a boring asshole that no one outside of Foster pays attention to but at least he’s a proud loser that doesn’t have to buy followers to appear popular.


Barry Nelson. The king of all Foster followers. Hardcore, loyal, racist to the core, just like she likes them. We all know about Barry “@NYCFUNK” Nelson and he’s even got a Porn Wiki Leaks wiki to show for his loyalty to Foster. This black supremacist can get mean, nasty and racist when he wants to but because he the typical gutless, cowardly black man, he usually shuts down his Twitter feed and goes private most of the time or blocks you. He can’t even boast about being middle age as he is very clearly an elderly black man.

These are the men that pay attention to Monica Foster. She doesn’t even seem to get support from other black women. Misty Stone probably wouldn’t give her the time of day and would look down her nose at Foster. Her biggest female supporter is an elderly white woman named Desi Foxx whose son is a pedophile and whose daughter is a whore that was pimped out by her mother.

And here is Foster’s dream man:


Fags like this are pretty fucken far from the guys that are actually paying attention to Foster. With her fading looks – which weren’t very impressive to begin with – her hardcore black supremacist attitude, the fact that she is a whore, alcoholic and drug addict and well past her expiration date, the fact that she drove the last white boyfriend she had (Matthew Paul Holder, porn cameraman) away and right into the arms of a white woman, means she will just have to put her dreams of landing this type of man aside and just enjoy the obese black losers while she still has them.

And here is the “Queen” herself in all her glory:



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