Update: Actor Wants Sunny Leone Deported, Says She’s Corrupting the Youth of India

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from www.indiatimes.com It’s been a few days since porn star Sunny Leone and director-actor-writer Kamaal R Khan filed a complaint against each other, ever since Sunny went on record to say that KRK has retweeted a “fake” tweet of hers, where she apparently said that ‘Rape is a surprise sex!’

Ask him what is the latest on the case front, and if an action has been taken on it, and KRK says: “There’s no development as yet on the case. Versova Police station hasn’t filed an FIR yet, although my lawyer has given the complaint in writing. If they dilly-dally for long and don’t file an FIR, my lawyer will go to the court. I’m not going to take things lying down!”

I am not a hacker

Tell him that Sunny has gone on record to say that the tweet, which he had “retweeted to his followers”, was not hers and KRK says: “This she can only answer why she wrote that tweet and why she deleted it later. Interestingly, in her complaint she has written that I hacked her account and sent that tweet! It’s the most silly thing that I have heard! Firstly, I’m not a hacker and secondly, I don’t have that kind of time to indulge in such activities!”

Sunny wants to sell her porn

Ask him, why has he complained to the cops that Sunny Leone’s presence in Indian film industry will ruin the Indian youth and KRK says: “It is a fact! Sunny Leone and her husband are here in India to sell their porn films. And this is a crime according to certain sections of Indian Law.

So, Sunny Leone and her husband are committing a crime as per Indian Law and corrupting the youth of the country. I want to bring that to the notice of the court, and I want her to be deported as soon as possible from our country. I will take this case to the logical conclusion!”

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