Update: Ashley Madison Sues Infidelity Site for Using Her Image; They Sue Back Claiming Trademark

from www.foxnews.com – James Woods’s former flame, adult actress Ashley Madison Myrick, has filed a lawsuit against online dating site Ashley Madison for the “humiliation’ she has endured over having the same name as the site that promotes infidelity.

According to TMZ, the “actress” filed court papers to attempt to force the she wants the site to change their name and claims that the Web site AshleyMadisonbio.com is connected to the infidelity site and features her photo without permission.

But Pop Tarts has exclusively obtained a $1 million counter-suit filed by Ashley Madison (the Web site) against Ashley Madison (the porn star).

According to their suit, they don’t even own the domain AshleyMadsionbio.com and have had the infamous “Ashley Madison” name trademarked since 2002 whereas Myrick only adopted the moniker as a “stage name” in 2005.

The affair matchmakers are now suing the adult actress for using their trademark to “inappropriately garner goodwill” to support her acting career.

“The Defendant’s public persona outside of her roles is negatively portrayed in the media. In particular, the Defendant has been portrayed in the media as being, among other things, an egregious publicity-seeker, including reportedly acting in a heartless, inappropriate and insensitive manner at a family funeral of her famous one-time relationship partner, in order to promote herself to industry insiders also attending the funeral,” the suit claims. “Not only is her use of ASHLEY MADISON as a stage name an attempt to inappropriately garner goodwill to support her acting career, but her public antics serve to dilute and depreciate the goodwill inherent in the ASHLEY MADISON trade-marks.”

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