Update: Cameron Bay Served Time in Jail; Rob Black will Not Tolerate Smack Being Talked About Her

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Rob Black went on his show Thursday night and dared the female performers in the industry to talk shit and smack about Cameron Bay. Then Black went over a number of points to show how Bay and the rest of the women in porn have a commonality,

Maybe that’s true, but it’s now being reported that just two years before her reality TV debut on VH1’s Tool Academy, Bay spent a year and six months in prison in Arizona. She was released in May 2008.

She is also believed to have a total of 17 criminal filings against her, according to the London Daily Mail. But The Mail didn’t go on to say what Bay [mug shot] was doing time for.

“Cameron Bay is HIV positive,” Black noted.

“That is a fact. We’ve all known that for a couple of days. As we get out the history and go to timelines and start talking about characters and peoples’ partners and what they do- I want people to remember this. I will not tolerate anybody talking trash, smack and dirt unless your house is in order and clean.

“This woman is exactly like every one of you girls out there. Before you hit twitter and start talking shit about peoples’ personal lives, you better get order in your own house.

“This is girl is like every girl I’ve met. If it can happen to her it could happy to Bonnie Rotten and Skin Diamond. It could have happened to Katie Summers. Before any one of you girls start talking- and I could go on Eros right now and run down the list- clean your own house.

“Let me remind you that our business has crossover talent that performs among you and has dinner with you. There is no bigger crossover performer than Christian XXX, and Derrick Pierce is Christian’s best friend.

“Are we going to start questioning people who hang out with crossover performers? Cameron Bay is an exact replica of every girl in this business.

“She’s every single girl on the Mark Spiegler roster. Lily Labeau has a crossover performer boyfriend. Does everyone work with her? Ryan Driller is a homosexual, a crossover who works in Vivid productions. He is repped by Derek Hay. Derek Hay was a crossover.

“If any single one of you girls or guys opens your mouths about crossovers you better clean out your own fucking closets,” Black announced.

“Let me explain to all you macho guys who hate faggots and crossovers, like Marcus London who professes every day on Twitter that he’s a 100% man.

“Guess what? You guys are sitting there in 50 man gangbangs with crossover talent. Wolf Hudson is crossover and will tell you if you have a clean test ‘I will suck your cock.’

“Marcus London you’re doing anal cream pie gangbangs. I could give you a list from Chanelle Preston, Asa Akira on down who work with crossover talent and date crossover talent. Cameron Bay is no different than any of you.

“Seth Gamble is a homosexual which means he’s crossover. Anyone working in that Adam & Eve Grease movie? Everyone needs to clean out their closet before they talk about Cameron Bay doing something edgy that none of you were doing.

“She hooks? So does 99% of the girls in this business. Does condoms sound like a good idea or am I just a psychotic lunatic? Tasha Reign, Brooklyn Lee, Tessa Lane are escorts. So is Tara Lynn Foxx and every single one of these girls you will all work with.

“Cameron Bay did every single sex act imaginable, and she works for Kink.com and did a Public Disgrace. All you girls need to stop throwing those rocks because the only thing we haven’t talked about is shooting up.

“That would be the fourth check mark on the criteria of how Cameron Bay got HIV. The Public Disgrace is where Princess Donna gets you to fill out a model release and you film a fuck scene in front of strangers. And if a stranger happens to have a test, they can take their dick out and fuck the girl. Otherwise they can finger them and fist them.

“John Stagliano says that’s alright. Cameron Bay did exactly what about 40 or 50 girls have done.

“Katie Summers did a Public Disgrace, and she wouldn’t let anyone without an HIV test near her. She let James Deen beat the fuck out of her. Summers said it was peer pressure, but when she got on set she said ‘what the fuck am I doing where? I’m getting the shit beat out of me in front of 20 strangers.’

“Katie Summers said she was mortified, but told me that’s they way you’re trained and it numbs you. You go into the shower and cry only to have your friends say are you a pussy? Kink.com would also tell you, yeah, everyone’s into this.

“It’s unbelievably insane when you go to any of the hooker sites – Sarah Vandella, Angelina Valentine, Britney Stevens, Tory Lane, Misty Stone, Mia Gold, London Keyes, Candy Manson, Devon Lee, Emy Reyes, Charity Bangs, who wants to set up I’ll show you my test if you show me your test – every girl in the entire business does privates.

“Everybody. There’s so many hookers. Cameron Bay is every one of you ladies out there. If you don’t think for one minute that none of you girls can suffer the same fate, shame on you. This girl is a victim of a sickness that is our business. Until this business is mended we will not stand a fighting chance to live.

“I doubt the Free Speech Coalition or John Stagliano will step up, so she’ll have to go to the Aids Healthcare Foundation for help. John Stagliano doesn’t have a voice in an issue where you’d think he’s reach out to Cameron Bay and offer her help.

“It’s a travesty. When Mr. Marcus got up on a stage last year, John Stagliano sent Christian Mann to talk about how Mr. Marcus is a great guy. Where the fuck are you for Cameron Bay?”


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