Update: Charlie Sheen’s Not a Psycho? Kelly Preston was Shot But Charlie Claims It was an Accident

The one nice thing about Kelly Preston [pictured with Charlie Sheen] in her early movie career is that she used to get naked a lot. The one bad thing about the Internet is that lack of detail is perpetuated as site after site about Charlie Sheen and Preston references the fact that he accidentally shot her but with no other details added. The following is as good as it gets:

from www.lalate.com – Charlie Sheen shot Kelly Preston? Yes, Charlie Sheen accidentally shot Kelly Preston. And yes the Charlie Sheen Kelly Preston event is being remembered today, 19 years later.

Who says people forget?

In 1990, Preston and Sheen were engaged. Sheen would accidentally shoot Preston in the arm. Preston would suffer two stitches. Their relationship would suffer too, the couple eventually splitting after the Sheen shot.


Sheen then gives a totally different account from what’s being reported.

CNN in a 12/30/2009 story adds these details: Sheen’s long history of questionable behavior began in 1990 when he was dating actress Kelly Preston. Reports surfaced then that Preston had been shot in the arm. In 2001 Sheen explained to Playboy magazine that it was a “complete accident. I wasn’t even in the room. She picked up a pair of my pants. … A little revolver fell out of my back pocket, hit the bathroom floor and went off. It shot a hole through the toilet and she got hit in the leg with shrapnel.”

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