Update: Crissy Moran Speaks at Church

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Perham, MN from www.wday.com – — A Perham church had a guest [Sunday] morning, who many people may not expect at Sunday service — a former porn star.

With reports showing more than 260 porn websites going up each day, Crissy Moran is going across the country to talk about how a foolish decision can last a lifetime.

Crissy Moran started life a normal girl in Jacksonville Florida. Brought up in the church as the daughter of a pastor.

But that normal life took a hard turn, sexual abuse, her parent’s divorce and father’s alcoholism led her down a wary path. At 24 — she started doing pornography.

Crissy: “It was a little confusing. There was a part that was very glamorous about it, but then there was a part, morally, that I did feel like I wasn’t doing the right thing.”

She spent six years in the industry, raking in 15-thousand dollars a month from her website. And she says that was just 20-percent of what the website made.

But along with it came low self worth and a string of unhealthy relationships. But the dark phase would brighten.

Crissy: “Somebody spoke to me about God’s love. And it had been maybe 10 years since I felt God’s presence in my life.”

Northwoods Assembly Pastor Dirk Currier says he’s seen members of his congregation lose jobs and put their marriages on the rocks because of porn addiction.

Dirk Currier/Northwoods Assembly Pastor: “As a whole, churches don’t talk about this issue. We’re living in an age where more churches are beginning to talk about it, but it’s a very huge issue.”

For Crissy her past will never leave, she’s done doing porn — but her website is still running, she says it’s because of a contract she can’t get out of, and says she does not accept a profit from it.

Crissy: “It’s forever. If you have children one day, they can be affected by your choices.”

Northwoods Assembly has tackled issues like pornography and human trafficking for the past four years.

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