Update: Faith Medley of Sinister X: Katie Summers Can Be the Next Jenna Jameson; Summers Starts Her Own Company, Tragic Beauties Films

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For whatever reasons known to man Nikki Charm’s now going under the name Faith Medley. Anyhow, Medley was a guest on Rebecca Bardoux’s Internet show Friday night. Bardoux had seen a story on AdultFYI announcing that Sinister X Syndicate was launching a talent management company and immediately got on the horn and asked Medley to be a guest on the show.

During the course of the chat, Medley said she felt that Katie Summers, who’s now shooting movies for Sinister X, can be the next Jenna Jameson.
In extolling Summers, Medley rattled off some impressive credentials of her own.

“I’ve been in this business under a moniker for well over 27 years. I started out working in this industry back in the Eighties for some of the major companies as a contract star. I came back and forth in this business into sales and advertising for AVN. Now I’m working with Sinister X Syndicate.

“Over here we’ve started a management company, not a talent agency. It’s definitely not a talent agency. We’re not booking work for the girls or anything like that.

“We’ve got some other veterans here who are recruiting select girls who are fairly new to the business or fairly overlooked but have enormous potential with the right grooming and management. We’re taking them under our wings and giving a support that really can help an actress take her brand to the next level and can control her image and income in a much better way.”

Medley promoted the fact that by being a member of the management company, a performer can save hundreds of dollars in monthly fees that she can now use to underwrite HIV testing and other of her own expenses.

“She has that money to play with to put her own content togetherand get her own production label which Katie Summers has done.”

With all the talent agents out there, Bardoux observed that girls weren’t getting the attention that should get.

“There’s more to it than just doing scenes.”

Medley conceded that there are some girls content to be in their own little world and do gonzo scenes.

Reflecting on her own career, Medley recalled how she’d fly back and forth to San Francisco doing loops.

“I know what it means to get that regular pay check. And for some of the girls it’s fine. They’re young and having fun in the business. They’re beautiful, we love to see them in the movies and are glad that they’re there.

“Their agents are hopefully doing what they’re supposed to be doing for them, but there are some girls who have the business minds to go to that next level.”

Medley said she knew a lot of girl were shooting content trades.

“It’s a really common thing and there’s girls or have maybe 30, 40, maybe some of them have 50 content scenes that they have no idea what to do with. Their PR person, agent or website person is probably trying to help them get a website going and I’m sure they can drive traffic through there with their Twitter accounts.

“But that’s such a small drop in the bucket. If you have 30 content scenes, you’ve got five movies already produced.”

Bardoux said she’s been asked to shoot content and always wondered what am I going to do with content?

Medley suggested you could take those scenes and put them together as a new movie.

“Even though it’s scenes that are cut up you can turn that into a DVD, offer it on VOD or we can offer it to a distributor at a really fair price. You can sell it at Adultcon, sell it at Exxxotica, all these other shows or use them as gifts to the fans. You can tightly control the brand that’s out there.”

Getting back to the management agency, Medley said Katie Summers has been the first girl selected.

“There isn’t any words I can use to speak more highly of her. She is beyond fantastic. I think if she stays on this track she’ll be bigger than Jenna Jameson because she isn’t doing this for another company.

“She’s doing it for herself. Sinister X is putting her in lead roles for the feature films that we’re doing so she’s getting a little bit of marketing and mileage and experience out of that.

“But she’s so motivated. She’s taking her own initiative to book her own shoots, direct her own shoots, art direct her own shoots. The first one that she’s doing I believe is going to be called Pure.”

Medley said Summers would be putting an announcement to the fact that she is launching her own company, Tragic Beauties Films.

“I guarantee you this is going to be so great because she’s full of ideas and has the skills to turn it into a reality. She’s smart. She’s organized.

“She’s motivated. She’s been with us since July and is about finished with her first movie which is a series of scenes where she’s paying talent, she’s paying make-up, she’s really jumping in there and doing this as a producer.”

Medley felt this is something that fans want to see because this is more reflective of what the performer wants to do and what she personally likes.

“On top of that Katie is giving people work,” says Medley.

“It’s making me so happy to see that we’ve got the ability to put these things together. We have the studio here. We have editors. We can score the music for her. So while he’s paying for the production end of it, we’ve got the post covered; and we’ve got a distributor, Pure Play Media, that has established accounts and is ready to order this product. In three month Katie’s up and running like a champ.”

Bardoux was very complimentary of Pure Play.

“It’s hard to find a good distributor that has the ability to sell your movie for you.”

“And it’s hard for the girls to get post-production support,” Medley adds.

“They don’t know Photo Shop. They can’t do a boxcover.”

Medley said she’s really looking forward to finding the next girl so that she and Summers could work together with her and achieve the same results.

“They’ve got to realize they have the talent to do this on their own. But you really have to have that special quality, too. You have to have that top notch A-list quality. That’s what really helps the product sell.”

Medley can be reached 24/7 at 818-653-3105.

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