Update: Hot to Trot Teach On the Lam Calls TV Station – Claims She’s a Lesbian and She’ll Never Turn Herself In

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from www.examiner.com – Cara Dickey, 32, a former teacher at South Buffalo Charter School, who was convicted of raping one of her students four years ago, called Eyewitness News on Friday, Jan. 11 to give her side of the story regarding her parole officer’s claim that she is involved in another inappropriate relationship with a minor. Cara Dickey is refusing to contact her parole officer.

In the taped phone call with Eyewitness News, Cara Dickey explained that she is a now a lesbian and has been involved with a female felon for approximately one year. As part of Dickey’s parole she cannot associate with other felons. Dickey says the claims of an inappropriate relationship with a minor boy stem from her refusal to stop living with her lover.

Another condition of Dickey’s parole is that she not have any contact with minors. Cara Dickey claims her lover’s younger brother came over and spent Christmas, a “nice Christmas” with the couple. Dickey claims her parole officer was aware of the visit.

Cara Dickey, who removed the ankle monitor she has to wear as part of her parole, says she will not turn herself in. New York State police have issued a warrant for Dickey’s arrest.

Cara Dickey, a 32-year-old mother of three, pleaded guilty four years ago to two counts of second-degree rape and served less than three years in state prison before being paroled.

Dickey is a described as a white female with green eyes, 5’5” weighing approximately 145 pounds with a scar on her abdomen and a tattoo on her right forearm. Cara Dickey may either have blonde or brown hair at this time. She has gone by the alias Cara Pietras.

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