Update: Katie Summers: “I’m Not Retired Despite What Foxxx Modeling is Saying”

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Katie Summers is scheduled to be on James Bartholet’s Inside the Industry Show Wednesday night. Summers no doubt will be on to promote her upcoming role in Sinister X Syndicate’s Snow White, but this week her former agency Foxxx Modeling put the word out that Summers had retired. With that, the porn rumor mill exploded.

Feeling betrayed by her own agency, Summers quit Foxxx. But there’s a lot more to it as you might well imagine.

Smash Pictures wanted Summers to shoot a six-man gangbang to be directed by Jim Powers.

They booked Summers before the syphilis outbreak, and the scene was to have been shot Thursday. Foxxx Modeling was insistent Summers do the scene for which she was going to be paid big bucks. In light of the outbreak, Summers wasn’t comfortable with the idea, feeling that a 10 day quarantine wasn’t enough to substantiate shooting a six-man gangbang.

Summers was told it was very unprofessional that she took this route. In turn, she felt it was unprofessional that Foxxx tried to bully her into doing the scene.

In the meantime, Stuart Wall from Smash Pictures contacted Summers saying he heard she retired from the business. Smash Pictures employees then began texting Summers saying they heard the same thing.

Prince Yahshua then weighed in. He contacted Summers and told her she had such a promising career. Summers didn’t know what either Wall or the Prince were talking about until she put two and two together. Summers was chagrined that Foxxx wouldn’t consider rescheduling the shoot.

According to Summers, she’s had similar problems dating back to her first agency, Type 9. At the time, Type 9 booked her for an Evil Angel shoot which turned out to be a Buttman’s Stretch Class in which she was to appear in scenes with John Stagliano.

Although there was no penetration, Summers, who did the movie, nevertheless felt it would have been nice had she been informed that Stagliano was HIV positive. It was also Summers’ opinion that disclosure should have been forthcoming from the agency.

In view of everything, Summers states, “Why would I be retiring? I just landed the biggest role in the history of porn as Snow White opposite James Deen for Sinister X. I think it’s a matter of a B-grade talent agency being mad that one of their talent wised up to the fact that they’re pimps.”

Summers will make an official statement Friday as far as her future plans.


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