Update: Kink.com among top downloaded in Vatican City

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from www.sfbg.com – According to Torrentfreak (and helpfully elaborated on by Fleshbot) the local BDSM site [Kink.com] is responsible for two of the 13 most-pirated downloads in Vatican City. No, not top porn downloads, the most-pirated files, period.

Yes, for while Love Actually came in at #6, a scene featuring Lea Lexis and Krissy Lynn on “lezdom bondage” Kink site Whipped Ass followed close behind at #8, and #13 was occupied by Tiffany Starr and Sheena Shaw on the TS Pussyhunters site.

We’re putting out the feelers to Kink to see how news of their influence in — and being robbed of revenue by — the world’s most flamboyantly attired country is being recieved by the company, stand by for post updates.

Peter Acworth comments at www.peteracworth.com – We got word yesterday that someone in the Vatican has been watching our porn movies — illegally.

Yesterday, Torrent Freak reported IP addresses registered to the Holy See have been caught downloading clips from Kink. While we can’t identify who specifically, whomever it is is certainly violating the eighth commandment (“Thou Shalt Not Steal”) and possibly the second (“Thou Shalt Not Bow Down to Any Gods Before Me”). We don’t want to cause an international incident, so we won’t be pressing charges or demanding they hand over records.

While we don’t support theft of content, in this case we’re happy whoever he (or she) is is enjoying our movies. Our mission is to demystify BDSM and celebrate alternate sexuality. This is different from the Catholic Church’s mission which has (traditionally) been to shame anyone who deviates from a sexuality that isn’t procreative. We figure whoever is downloading these movies is feeling a fare amount of shame as it is, so we’ll let this one slide.

In many ways, the Church isn’t so different from Kink. The peculiar vestments, the intricate rituals, the absolute surrender to authority — these are all things we practice in the consensual BDSM. What is aftercare if not the absolving of sin? What is subspace if not a way to exorcise demons? We, too, believe in seeking the sublime and transcendent.

So whether this is a lonely priest or pope emeritus Benedict, we hope he isn’t flagellating himself for having a taste for the flesh. Or if he is, that he’s at least enjoying it.

We’ll practice forgiveness for now — and in return ask that they restrain themselves from judging those of us who seek our own form of salvation.

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