Update: Manwin Fires Jessica Bangkok Over Mr. Marcus Episode; Debi Diamond and Nicki Hunter Also Canned

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from www.TMZ.com – Porn star Jessica Bangkok just got 86’d — no, it’s not a sexual position — she got fired for letting a guy known to have had Syphilis have sex on her radio show.

Sources connected to Radio Sex — a SiriusXM channel — tell us Jessica, along with legendary porn stars Debi Diamond and Nicki Hunter all got the hook this week after the channel’s owner launched an investigation into Jessica’s show, “Real Life Stories.”

The guy with the alleged STD is Mr. Marcus. Pics of his on-air sexual escapade surfaced on social media, and the suits at Manwin USA — which owns Radio Sex — went crazy.

We’re told even though it’s a sex show, no one is allowed to have sex in studio. Company policy not only prohibits it, they don’t have the necessary permits to screw on air.

But an even bigger issue is the whole Syphilis thing. Mr. Marcus — a porn star himself — hid the fact he had the STD last year, and had sex with a bunch of porn stars. When word got out, the industry shut down for more than a month while everyone was tested.

The honchos at the radio station were livid that Jessica knew of Mr. Marcus’ history yet let him do the dirty in studio.

During their investigation, the honchos also discovered Debi and Nicki were doing sexual things on the air which is a big no-no. So they also got the axe.

In case you’re a fan … that’s why all the shows have been in reruns this week.

Mr. Marcus has not returned our calls for comment.

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