Update: Nacho Vidal Arrest Included His Sister

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www.theleader.info – The National Police have seized large amounts of money and at least 202 vehicles in a search carried out in the early hours of Tuesday morning in relation to a major operation deployed throughout Spain against money laundering carried out by a network of Chinese criminals.

Amongst the near to 100 individuals arrested is the Valencian porn actor Nacho Vidal.

He was picked up alongside his sister Maria José Jordá. Both were arrested in Barcelona. A further arrest was made of the Councillor for Public Safety of Fuenlabrada, a Madrid suburb, the Socialist Jose Borras.

These same sources indicate that the numerous files and records have been seized from many Chinese businesses and various homes, most of them in Madrid, where there has also been the arrest of one of the leaders of the network. Local media sources identify him as Gao Ping.

One of the main raids was on warehouses located in the industrial park Cobo Calleja, located in Fuenlabrada (Madrid) which houses one of the largest Chinese trading in Europe.

Arrests and searches have been carried out in Barcelona, Malaga, San Sebastian, Valencia and Zamora. A total of 74 people were detained in the operation although 108 arrest warrants have been issued along with 120 search warrants, according media sources consulted.

The so-called ‘Operation Emperor’, is being directed by National Court Judge Fernando Andreu a well known anti-corruption prosecutor. He was quoted as saying that “this is probably the largest operation conducted by the National Court for money laundering and tax offenses for a very long time.”

The investigation began two years ago. It focused on the Cobo Calleja industrial park, in Fuenlabrada, where tax offenses, smuggling and money laundering was discovered through an organization that moved containers between China and Spain. Only some of the products imported were declared to the tax authorities.

Members of the gang were also hired to money in bags, cars or trains to China.

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