Update on Hollie Stevens

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from www.dailymail.co.uk – Friends and fans of an adult movie star who is suffering from an aggressive form of breast cancer have donated thousands of pounds to help her out.

Hollie Stevens, 30, from San Francisco, developed breast cancer in Spring last year and after undergoing several months of chemotherapy she had to have a mastectomy to remove her left breast.

According to an appeal entry on the giveforward.com donation website Ms Stevens’ insurance covers her medical bills, but wellwishers are asked to donate money to help cover her day to day costs while she is unable to work.

So far more than $14,000 has been given to help the cancer-stricken star as she continues her battle against the disease.

In December 2011 the cancer was found to have spread to Ms Stevens’ bones.

This month a spot was identified in the actor’s leg and she is scheduled to have a surgical operation on April 2 where her leg and hip will be operated on in an attempt to strengthen the affected area.

Cancerous cells have also just been found in her liver and several new tumours are have been discovered on and near the initial site.

There have been several rounds of fundraising for the actor and the latest drive, which runs until April 6, has so far seen a total of $10,643 raised towards the $15,000 target.

Among those heading the fundraising campaign is U.S. dominatrix January Seraph who has come up with her own unique way of raising cash.

The bondage queen is asking clients to donate money in return for extra time in sessions with her.

On her own blog site ‘missjanuary.com’ Ms Seraph is offering to provide half an hour extra bondage time to any client who makes a donation of $50 (£30) towards The Hollie Stevens Medical Fund.

Ms Seraph, who works out of San Francisco and Los Angeles, said: ‘Let me know when booking your session that you’d like to take advantage of this offer.

‘Then, bring in a copy of your receipt from GiveForward.com showing the amount you’ve contributed to our session and voila! you’ll receive an extra 30 minutes of kinky playtime with Me.’

In July 2011, she said she was encouraging people to help Hollie out because her friend would never take the initiative.

She said: ‘She’s too proud to ask for help herself, so myself and her other great friends are being pushy and helping her out whether she likes it or not.’

‘Show Hollie that she’s loved and appreciated in her time of need. Because no one should feel alone when they are ill.’

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