Update: Playboy Channel Getting Heat From Conservative Group

from www.newschannel9.com – A conservative group says Chattanooga’s EPB should stop allowing it’s customers to have access to the Playboy channel.

The Family Action Council of Tennessee goes even further saying a government agency has no business providing what they call “indecent, obscene material.”

Chattanooga’s electric utility started it’s fiber optic service to compete with cable companies for television, Internet and phone services. And just like the cable companies, EPB offers the Playboy channel in it’s television line up.

But F.A.C.T. believes EPB, a public utility, has no business offering adult entertainment.

“It is not in the best interest of the community for the government to put it’s approval to the provision of pornographic materials to families,” according to F.A.C.T. president David Fowler. “There are plenty of other places they can get it, if they want it, without the government giving it to them.”

The vice president of EPB Fiber Optics, Katie Espeseth, said they provide television networks customers say they want. Their one adult channel, Playboy, is only available by subscription as a pay-per-view channel.

“What we try to give folks is choice, and we’re also offering the freedom of choice to watch what they choose to watch in their home,” Espeseth said.

So if F.A.C.T. is concerned EPB is allowing it’s customers access to the Playboy channel, do they share the same concern about EPB providing access to the Internet where virtually unlimited sources of adult content can be accessed?

Fowler said the difference is tv service providers can choose what channels they offer customers.

“You do not have that alternative, or that option, when it comes to the Internet because it is in the public domain over which you don’t have any control,” Fowler said.

EPB has invested in a sophisticated system of parental and adult controls on it’s fiber optic television service. The Playboy channel, or any channel, can be deleted from the tv’s menu altogether. Parents can screen programming from any network based on language or content.

So far F.A.C.T. is alone in their criticism of EPB’s Playboy channel.

“No, we actually have not been contacted by anyone, including our customers,” Espeseth said.

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