Update: Rob Black Apologizes For Not Putting Spiegler’s Head on a Spit; Promises the Goods Tomorrow

Rob Black had the best intentions of nailing Mark Spiegler to the wall Thursday night. Instead Mike South got the benefit of the rancor. More on that story in the morning. meanwhile…

Porn agent Mark Spiegler told AVN’s Peter Warren, www.avn.com he booked Sarah Shevon for a b.j. scene in Malibu with Trinity St. Clair’s website (TrinityStClair.com) April 17th.

The male talent happened to be Richard Nanula. Spiegler said he didn’t know who the guy was. Shevon explained it was her ex-boyfriend and Spiegler told her, ‘You ought to double-check the test.’

Shevon did the scene and according to Spiegler nothing unusual happened.

“Then Trinity wanted to book Remy LaCroix and Lily LaBeau,” Spiegler told AVN.

“Lily LaBeau was scheduled for June 10 for a boy/boy/girl anal scene, and Remy LaCroix was booked for July 1, and didn’t say what kind of scene.

“The thing is, when she wanted to book these, I didn’t get all the info but I knew she wanted to book them after 8 p.m. on a Sunday in Malibu, and that’s what first got me to start thinking about this,” Spiegler said.

Suspicious, Spiegler said he set up a meeting at a café in Malibu where he first met Nanula.

“He didn’t look like a regular porn dude, he looked more like a business executive—he had a Blackberry and all that stuff, well dressed—so I just talked to him and he seemed to know a lot about the business.”

Spiegler said he wanted to see a test.

“It wasn’t from C.E.T. and it wasn’t from T.T.S., it was simply from a private doctor. So that really set off alarm bells. So I said to [St. Clair], ‘I gotta see this guy on your site.’ I said I wouldn’t feel comfortable having [LaCroix or LaBeau] work with the guy until he’s on the site doing a scene, and we can see his face.

“So she says, ‘Well, we’re going to update the site in a couple of weeks.’ And I said, ‘That’s fine.’ And that’s the last I ever heard about it. I canceled the Remy and the Lily shoots, pending seeing the guy on the site, and of course it never happened.”

Then another Spiegler girl Penny Pax shot a scene several months later for another producer that turned out to be a private show for Nanula.

According to Spiegler a director for one of the major companies booked Penny Pax last October for a boy/girl anal scene with himself.

As it turned out the location was Nanula’s house in Malibu.

“The director showed up, he put up a camera on a tripod in the bathroom facing into the bedroom where they were shooting the scene, and he did the scene with the girl, which she was kind of weirded out about it because the homeowner, this Richard guy I’m assuming, was sitting on the couch jerking off.”

Pax “got all flustered and left,” according to Spiegler.

“They didn’t do the anal part and she left. She called me right after to tell me, and then I called the director and I said, ‘Hey man, this ain’t a legit shoot.’ And he was like, ‘Oh yeah, I didn’t know. I should have realized something was up when the homeowner let me use his house for free,’ and I’m like, ‘Come on, man, that’s bullshit.’

“But that’s when I got the actual address of the guy’s place, and then I knew if anything else comes up at that address it ain’t legit. So that was that.”

Pax told AVN, “The talent ended up being like two hours late to set, and then when the scene finally started going, I noticed that the homeowner was sitting on the couch, and when we were about to start the anal part of the scene, I noticed he had his dick out and he was jerking off, and I was just totally like, ‘Whoa, what’s going on here?'”

Pax said she was uncomfortable with the situation and began making excuses why she couldn’t continue. She left.

Asked what transpired during the two hours she was waiting for the director/male talent to arrive, Pax said, “I actually spent the first hour in the bathroom cleaning my butt because it was an anal scene, and then the second hour I went outside and I smoked for a little bit and then I called Mark and I called my boyfriend, and I was just like hanging out.”

Pax said the homeowner [Nanula] was drinking wine and offered her some. She refused and thought the whole situation was “shady” and that Nanula seemed to be playing games.

“It’s just weird.”

According to the AVN story, Nanula tried contacting Sarah Shevon a year earlier for a private.

Trinity St. Clair continues to refuse comment through requests made to her publicist James Bartholet.

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