Update: Rob Black Theorizes Stop Advertising with AVN and Manwin is Done

Both Slim Pickens and myself took turns having our way with Mark Kernes for ludicrous comments he made in rebuttal to Aurora Snow’s article in The Daily Beast.

Rob Black was more pragmatic. His opinion is that Kernes is being paid by Manwin to propagandize their party line.

“Mark Kernes works for AVN,” said Black.

“AVN is owned by Manwin. Nobody told you what I told you, and Gene Ross has told you that Manwin owns AVN. And now that’s the dirty little secret no one wants to ‘fess up to.”

“I’m just telling you about factual things that are happening. And this story is changing before your eyes because of me, AdultFYI and The Black Army.”

“Kernes says what he says because Manwin pays him,” Black continued.

“He’s a 70 year old pervert and around beautiful women on set- what the fuck do you want him to do? Manwin tells him write this story because it’s about protecting our interests. Peter Warren and Steve Javors do the same thing, except they’re 50 years younger. Javors does nothing but lie to say I’m a convicted felon. Except I’m the only one who’s beaten an obscenity case in a federal courtroom.

“I wouldn’t say the Manwin empire is crumbling,” Black continued.

“Terrorism will always be there. Eventually it [Manwin] will be done and eradicated in Porn Valley. I will send them back to their foreign land so we can fight them there and not here.

“Manwin is controlling the testing facility [CET],” Black also pointed out.

“So you have a terrorist entity that is infecting your health. Excuse me for being here to protect every single worker. I will not let AVN, Manwin, the Al Qaeda terrorists that they are, get another foothold in our foundation of the business.

“Everyone dismisses the fact that LATATA and the Free Speech Coalition received over $6,000 in donations at a bowling event which they stated went to LATATA and Free Speech.

“How is that Free Speech can be such evil dastardly people according to LATATA, and three weeks ago Free Speech were putting money in the pocket of the entire cast of criminals at LATATA?

“You don’t have to go after Kernes. It’s over. This party’s over. We can sit back and do nothing and say fuck it. We had a chance, but Bryn Pryor and others told Cal/OSHA to go fuck their mother.

“We had a moratorium and shutdown after Mr. Marcus tried to infect 15 women. The industry came out and said we’re safe, we’re safe. Then we had a Clover-hidden Syphilis positive result. Mike South, Derek Hay and Free Speech all said things that contradicted Clover.

“Everybody said LATATA did good and Derek Hay did good- all the people that are completely stupid say whatever Mike South tells them to say. Now we have a hepatitis incident where Alex Gonz is circumventing the testing process without technically breaking the law.

“Now, guess what? Everybody’s saying we’re not going to have everyone work until they get tested for Hep C. Axel Braun works for a company that are pieces of shit. And he makes a statement. You realize it’s done? [The business.]

“When you stand in front of judges and the court hands you paper after every health incident- there one fuck up, then there’s another; you say, ‘oh, everyone’s entitled to a first and second fuck up. We’ll fix it. We’re compliant.’

“Voila, there’s a third time. ‘Okay we fucked up, now we’re going to fix it and be flawless. But we know what we’re doing city, judges and public health officials.

“But, look, all we know is how to listen to Mike South, Derek Hay and LATATA telling us to give your money to them, put our lives at risk and if you don’t like it, fuck you- you have no rights because you’re a bunch of hookers. We live in high rises and mansions so fuck you.’

“Manwin, Free Speech, LATATA, AVN, Derek Hay, they are all in cahoots together.”

Black suspects with the proper cajoling that the Manwin mindset can be eradicated.

“To me Steve Hirsch is a pussy and will go along with whatever he’s told,” said Black.

“Back then Steve Hirsch was an out of control coke head. Everybody knows he was in an apartment building where Tom Byron was. Christian Mann’s brother is alive today because of Tom Byron and Byron’s payback today is a fuck you. Christian Mann, I’m very sorry your best friend Frank Koretsky robbed hundreds of thousands from us.

“Steve Hirsch is a pussy and will fall in line. Phil Harvey is a trillionaire and will fall in line with whatever’s sensible. My Canadian friends the Blitts, I know Ted Blitt he’s fucking great. I can only imagine what he’s thinking. James Avalon will comply. He makes rubber movies like the back of his hand.

“These people will all fall in line, but it’s the structural system, that has to go. Free Speech has to go. Fuck the tube sites. Tube sites will fall as they fall- take out Manwin. Stop advertising in AVN, you cut the head off of Manwin. If you have one testing facility, you take Manwin out of the business. TTS already fucked up with Marcus. Tell Pacheco to go back to Florida.

“How do you stop Manwin? Stop going to the testing facility. Right now go to Scarface. Stop Manwin’s testing facility [CET] now. Hurt them in the pocketbook. AVN is now officially controlled by Manwin. Everybody’s mouth fuck puppet Mike South officially acknowledges that.

“AVN can be eliminated if everybody stops supporting AVN. Want to kill Manwin? There you go.

“You want to stop Manwin? Start with AVN and with Cutting Edge. Those two facilities are owned and make money for Manwin. You eliminate that, you eliminate a faction of revenue for Manwin and makes their investors say we need to pull out.

“Mark Kernes is toeing the company line. AVN is a Manwin property. If you win an award, a good review, anything you get from AVN officially means nothing. It’s no longer the bible.

“It lost that distinction when Paul Fishbein sold AVN. AVN has become a propaganda piece for a terrorist organization that’s on their last legs, and the last step is for you to stop them. You can bitch and moan about Kernes, but when you show up to their award show you’re putting money in Manwin’s pocket.

“You funnel your money to AVN, they will have more money to operate and spread an agenda of lies that are costing you your life and health.

“That’s scary stuff. That’s real scary stuff. This industry is now poised to take itself back. For us to sit here and dissect the testing facility is a moot point. It’s a system with flaws that were never corrected and replaced with a Manwin system that today makes our business not safer but weaker like we’ve never been.

“People in this business are crazy to perform any sex with people who are unprotected and are someone they don’t know. This is the time where girls say, nah, I don’t need that. I can do my own VOD on Hot Movies. I don’t need that.

“To dissect Kernes is nuts. He’s a propaganda wing like Mike South is a propaganda wing. Mike South will tell you he’s not like Manwin, but he’s working with the same people that are working with Manwin – Spiegler, Derek Hay, Diane Duke- these are facets that control Mike South.

“His propaganda has an agenda. He’s been working you guys for years playing all sides against the middle and being buddies with Derek Hay and picking up a paycheck there. Mark Kernes is nothing more than Mike South- a mouthpiece for bullshit with a common goal to destroy the business. If you support LATATA and Derek Hay you’re supporting the destruction of this business.

“If LATATA was a fighter for the workers, they could eradicate Manwin and prevent their talent from working in Manwin productions. Real simple. AVN today, as people are talking about Mark Kernes and his statements- here’s your challenge. Destroy the AVN-Manwin empire by not supporting them. Every day you support them is a day you support Manwin. Stop supporting AVN because AVN is owned by Manwin.”

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