Update: Stacie Halas, Tiffany Six Video Brought Students to Tears

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I laughed. I cried. It became a part of me.

LOS ANGELES from www.lalate.com – The Stacie Halas video as Tiffany Six brought students to tears, an administrative law board heard this week. Stacie Halas video prompted no denials from her attorney during the second day of testimony.

Halas’ attorney confirmed that his client appears in the videos, claiming that she recorded the videos while in college. But while Halas’ attorney describes her life after the video as an act of “redemption”, the school board described it as alleged deception.

Stacie Halas appeared in videos as Tiffany Six (photos below) from 2005 to 2006. Her attorney says that she did the videos because of financial “duress” at the time. But when questioned about her prior conduct, what did Halas tell administrators? Lawyers representing the district claim that Halas reportedly lied to them after the videos hit the campus.

The school told news this week that “This case is about whether the students of the Oxnard School District are required to incorporate into their learning environment the choice Ms. Halas made to be a [film] star”. Halas was a science teacher at Richard B. Haydock Intermediate School until she was fired in April this year.

Her attorney describes Halas far differently. “Your job is not to judge what she was in her past but what she is today. And what she is today, the evidence will show, is a very fit and a very caring teacher.”

Halas’ attorney claims Halas has “reformed.” The school, however, claims that she was deceptive. They claim that, as the video erupted on campus, students were left either upset or crying.

Mary Arias, assistant principal of Haydock, told the Board Tuesday that Halas’ conduct, and alleged deception about the same, caused chaos on campus. “The incident was so destructive. It was really hard to stabilize the campus.”

Students reportedly brought up the video in each class session. They reportedly asked teachers if it was okay to watch the video or not. Moreover, they asked why Halas appeared in the condition she did in the video.

Meantime, other teachers reportedly had to rush to their smartphones to watch the videos so as to prepare themselves for the siege of questions from students who had already accessed them online. A ruling on the matter could still be months away.

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