Update: Strip Clubs Wage Legal Fight Over Octomom

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from www.abovethelaw.com – Back in June, we brought you news of a potential lawsuit against Nadya Suleman, aka Octopussy Octomom, she of the clown car uterus. In an apparent desperate money grab, Suleman entered into a contract with Florida strip club T’s Lounge to perform a topless routine from July 11 to July 14. Unfortunately, she canceled her scheduled appearances after one of the club’s employees allegedly called her “a little crazy” in an interview with a local TV station.

As noted in a prior letter from the attorney for T’s Lounge, the strip joint planned to file suit immediately if Suleman failed to comply with the terms of her performance agreement. And in a filing from July 6 that recently came to light, T’s Lounge did just that, accusing Octomom of performing the ultimate strip tease — apparently she’s scheduled herself to appear at another gentlemen’s club to shake her booty.

Unwilling to accept this, T’s Lounge has asked a Palm Beach County court for an emergency injunction to prevent Suleman from bumping and grinding her post-partum goodies on an alternative greased-up pole….

The Miami Herald has more information about the equitable remedy that’s being sought by T’s Lounge:

T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach has sued Nadya Suleman, who had agreed to dance topless in eight shows that were to begin Wednesday. The club is seeking an emergency injunction to keep her from appearing at a competing club.

Suleman has been summoned to appear in court, but no hearing has yet been set. It is unclear whether the matter will be resolved before she’s set to take the stage at The Playhouse Gentleman’s Club in Hollywood on Friday.

If you recall, in attorney Gerald Pumphrey’s letter to Suleman of June 14, he noted that T’s Lounge intended to sue for the “extraordinary cost” of replacing Suleman. Now, T’s Lounge alleges that its damages are “unascertainable,” and that it would be “impractical, if not impossible” to establish the extent of the damages caused by Suleman’s breach. Here’s the club’s reasoning from the suit (available in full on the next page):

What’s really “adding insult to injury” is the fact that these strip clubs are dueling over Octomom’s willingness to ride the pole. Are men really going to flock to a strip club to see a woman with 14 children do a little bump ‘n grind? Sorry guys, but there’s no such thing as Photoshop in real life, so you may be a little disappointed.

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